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Smartzworld is a One Stop Social Networking Website where you can connect with people, share your memories, make new friends and latest Education information, Marketplace, Job portal, Technology, News, Sports, Tutorials, forum to discuss, and many more.

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Smartzworld came into existence in the year 2016. A small initiative by a group of engineering students to help their fellow students with easy access to notes/documents/manuals etc. Our primary intention was to provide free flow of information related to their academic course at any given point of time.


The taste of success was all that kept us going. With increase in traffic and interest of users, we improvised our content and extended it to many dimensions. The platform today provides social networking along with information on various educational platforms with a much wider target audience. Soon, we will be venturing into many more services like information on News, Entertainment, Job portal, Health, technology etc.

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