All you Need to Know Before Selecting the Best Investment Plan

Investment is a commitment to long-term growth in value, and proper investment takes time, money, or effort to make the best of it. We generally invest to gain profits, but sometimes a wrong investment decision can lead financial loss as well; therefore, you should research before investing and choose the best investment plan that suits your needs. 

There are many options to invest in, and one of them is fixed deposits. If you want to invest in FDs, you can calculate the returns you will get after your FD matures using the FD calculator online. Before choosing any investment plan, you should keep in mind a few things. 

Top Tips for Selecting the Best Investment Plan

  1. Target Your Needs and Goals

The foremost thing you should keep in mind when planning the investment is that you can fulfill your targeted needs and goals. When you know your expectations, it’s easy to commit to the plan.

  1. Decide the Investment Duration

If you want to invest long-term, then stocks are one of the best investment options. However, if you want to invest for a short duration then a fixed deposit (FD), endowment plans, recurring deposit (RD), etc. should be your investment options.

  1. Consider the Risk

If you have a higher risk appetite, then you can go in for market-linked plans that are high-risk but offer greater returns. If you are a cautious investor, then invest in plans that give stable returns but don’t carry too much risk. 

Prioritize your needs and choose accordingly. People consider fixed deposits and instruments such as bonds, debentures, etc., for investment, but you may also choose to invest in ULIPs and mutual funds depending on your financial targets. 

  1. Research Before Investment

It would be best to compare many factors before investing according to your needs and then choose the best investment plan. Check which company is fulfilling your needs and giving you better offers or benefits and invest accordingly. Also, you can check how much returns you will get after the maturity of your investment. For example, you can use the FD calculator online to determine the maturity amount.

  • You get the options between equity, debt, and hybrid in ULIPs.
  • Your money would be invested in various financial instruments by your chosen fund. As mentioned above, equity funds would suit those with a substantial risk appetite, and debt funds would appeal to investors with poor risk tolerance. People with risk appetites in the middle can use hybrid funds.
  • Compare the death and maturity benefit provisions for different plans to see which is more advantageous for you.
  1. Check for Bonus

Nowadays, many companies are providing a bonus for long-term investment as a reward. You can claim for it after given years of coverage. You are also eligible to receive a simple reversionary and terminal bonus upon maturity or death, whichever comes first. 

  1. Verify the Liquidity

Check if the investing programs can meet your liquidity demands. Mutual funds always permit you to do this, except for close-ended and tax-saver variations. But if insurance-cum investment plans are what you want, you’ll have to deal with a lock-in period before the withdrawal. Depending on the insurer, a partial withdrawal opportunity is provided after a lock-in term of three or five years. 

  1. Check the Price and Benefits before You Pay

You can begin monthly investments in mutual funds, ULIPs, endowment plans, or other investment strategies. Some mutual funds will use premiums, while others will use monthly SIPs. The only benefit you can derive from mutual funds is the current investment value because they don’t include a life insurance policy. 


Investing is generally done to make money, but there are occasions when losses are possible. For this reason, you should research properly before investing and choose the best investment plan per your needs. If you want to invest in FD, use the FD calculator online to determine the profits, and similarly, for other investment options, research everything beforehand.

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