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AR GATE Exam Previous Papers 2017 | AR GATE Model Papers 2017

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GATE Architecture and Planning Paper 2017 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 65

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Architecture and Planning Previous Paper 2017
1. The Pritzker Architecture prize for the year 2016 has been awarded to
(A) Alejandro Aravena
(B) Frei Otto
(C) Stephen Breyer
(D) Yung Ho Chang
2. As per the CPWD Handbook on Barrier Free and Accessibility, 2014, Government of India, the minimum length of a straight ramp in metre to raise a wheelchair to the plinth level of 600mm, is______________
3. Tuscan and Composite orders are associated with
(A) Greek Architecture
(B) Islamic Architecture
(C) Byzantine Architecture
(D) Roman Architecture
4. The concepts of 'serial vision','punctuation' and 'closure' were proposed by
(A) Le Corbusier
(B) Louis Kahn
(C) Gordon Cullen
(D) Kevin Lynch

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