EE GATE Exam Previous Papers | EE GATE Model Papers 2017 SESSION 1

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SESSION 1-EE GATE Exam Previous Papers 2017 | EE GATE Model Papers 2017

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GATE Electrical Engineering Previous Paper 2017 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 65

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Electrical Engineering Previous Paper 2017
1. A solid iron cylinder is placed in a region containing a uniform magnetic field such that the cylinder axis is parallel to the magnetic field direction. The magnetic field lines inside the clinder will
(A) bend closer to the cylinder axis
(B) bend farther away from the axis
(C) remain uniform as before
(D) cease to exist inside the cylinder
2. A 4 ple induction machine is working as an induction generator. The generator supply frequency is 60 Hz. The rotor current frequency is 5Hz. The mechanical speed of the rotor in RPM is
(A) 1350
(B) 1650
(C) 1950
(D) 2250
3. After Rajendra Chola returned from his voyage to Indonesia. he________ to visit the temple in Thanjavur.
(A) was wishing
(B) is wishing
(C) wished
(D) had wished
4. Arun, Gulab, Neel and Shweta mush choose one shirt each from a pile of four shirts coloured red, pink, blue and white respectively. Arun dislikes the colour and Shweta dislikes the colour white. Gulab and Neel like all the colours. In how many different ways can they choose the shirts so that no one has a shirt with a colour he or she dislikes?
(A) 21
(B) 18
(C) 16
(D) 14

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