GG GATE Exam Previous Papers | GG GATE Model Papers 2015

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GG GATE Exam Previous Papers 2015 | GG GATE Model Papers 2015

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GATE Geology Previous Paper 2015 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 55
  • Q. 1 – Q. 25 carry one mark each
  • Q. 26 – Q. 55 carry two mark each

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Geology Previous Paper 2015
1. The shape of the earth is best described as
(A) spheroid
(B) prolate ellipsoid
(C) ellipsoid
(D) oblate spheroid
2 . Hawaiian Island chain is the result of
(A) collision of two oceanic plates
(B) intraplate hot spot activity
(C) divergence of two oceanic plates
(D) interplate hot spot activity
3. In which one of the following configurations the electrodes are uniformly spaced?
(A) Schlumberger array
(B) Pole-dipole array
(C) Wenner array
(D) Pole-pole array
4. Identify the CORRECT sequence of the electromagnetic waves in their increasing frequency
(A) radio wave, micro-wave, infrared, visible, ultra violet, X-ray
(B) radio wave, infrared, micro-wave, visible, ultra violet, X-ray
(C) micro-wave, radio wave, infrared, visible, X-ray, ultra violet
(D) infrared, visible, micro-wave, radio wave, X-ray, ultra violet

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