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MT GATE Exam Previous Papers 2016 | MT GATE Model Papers 2016

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GATE Metallurgical Engineering Previous Paper 2016 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 65

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Metallurgical Engineering Previous Paper 2016
1. The passive film in stainless steel forms above the
(A) Primary passive potential
(B) Breakdown potential
(C) Trans-passive potential
(D) Pitting potential
2. For an ideal hexagonal-closed packed structure, the c/a ratio and packing efficiency respectively are
(A) 1.633 and 52%
(B) 1.633 and 74%
(C) 1.733 and 68%
(D) 1.733 and 74%
3.  Creep resistance decreases due to
(A) Small grain size
(B) Fine dispersoid size
(C) Low stacking fault energy
(D) High melting point
4. For dye-penetrant test, identify the CORRECT statement
(A) Pre- and post-cleaning of parts are not required
(B) Internal defects can be detected
(C) Surface oxides helps in crack identification
(D) Dye with low contact angle is required

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