XL-J GATE Exam Previous Papers | XL-J GATE Model Papers 2015

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XL-J GATE Exam Previous Papers 2015 | XL-G GATE Model Papers 2015

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GATE Botany Previous Paper 2015 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 20
  • Q. 1 – Q. 10 carry one mark each
  • Q. 11 – Q. 20 carry two mark each

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Botany Previous Paper 2015

1. An organized and differentiated cell having cytoplasm but no nucleus is found in
(A) Companion cell
(B) Xylem parenchyma
(C) Sieve tube element
(D) Phloem parenchyma
2. During fatty acid biosynthesis, the first intermediate malonyl-CoA is formed from
(A) Acetyl-CoA and bicarbonate
(B) Two acetyl-CoA molecules
(C) Acetyl-CoA and biotin
(D) Palmitoyl CoA and acyl-carrier protein (ACP)
3. Which of the following techniques is NOT applicable for evaluating the expression of a transgene?
(A) Northern blot
(C) Western blot
(D) Southern blot
4. Identify the CORRECT family possessing the following characters: presence of glucosinolates, tetradynamous stamens, superior ovary with parietal placentation and siliqua type fruit
(A) Brassicaceae
(B) Capparidaceae
(C) Fumariaceae
(D) Papavaraceae

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