XL-U GATE Exam Previous Papers | XL-U GATE Model Papers 2017

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XL-U GATE Exam Previous Papers 2017 | XL-U GATE Model Papers 2017

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GATE Food Technology Paper 2017 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 31

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Food Technology Previous Paper 2017
1. Indicate the correct group that contains a monosaccharide, a disaccharide and a trisaccharide.
(A) Glucose, sucrose, mannose
(B) Ribose, lactose, raffinose
(C) Mannose, maltose, lactose
(D) Raffinose, stachyose, glucose
2. In which of the following products, 'must' is used as the substrate for fermentation?
(A) Beer
(B) Wine
(C) Idli
(D) Tempeh
3. Identify the foodborne illness which is not caused by bacteria.
(A) Botulism
(B) Listeriosis
(C) Vibriosis
(D) Cysticercosis
4. In dye-reduction test for estimation of viable microorganisms, the most commonly used dyes are methylene blue, triphenyltetrazolim-chloride and ________________.

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