Emraan Hashmi to produce Captain Nawab


The chocolate boy of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi will now be producing films. Captain Nawab, a film inspired by true events is produced by him. The actor is spotted playing the role of an army man for the first time and he and he is not kidding about getting the part right.

Emraan Haashmi

Emraan Hashmi to produce movies

Emraan says, “I haven’t played a character like this before I will be doing a lot of prep work for it. It’s an physically demanding role and I will need to do a certain form of military training for a couple of months. I plan to undergo a boot camp-style workshop too which includes army training and learning how to use rifles and guns. I haven’t shot a gun before except firing a couple of shot in Las Vegas (laughs) on my holiday last year.” He also believes that the most important aspect of the film is the scripting, “If I am not happy with it — even if it takes six months, I won’t start the film till we get the flow right. One needs clarity of what you are doing, so the economics become clear, too.”


“Captain Nawab required a certain body language too to look authentic. It includes the way he holds guns, way he walks etc. I require someone from the Army to train me, and once we are done with the script, we will formally approach the right people.” Emraan adds, “I have never really focused on that idea of joining the army, which is why for this film, I have to start from scratch. That training will go on for months before I actually get down to shooting. I will start once I’m done with Badshaaho and also next month, I have some free time so I can start training. At year-end, I’ll dive completely into training.”

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