Movierulz is a free illegal video streaming site that contains pirated content of Indian film industry in different languages mainly Hindi, Telegu, Tamil and Kannada. 

What is the issue with Movierulz?

The ongoing lockdown situation has confined us to our homes. The only solace we find now is with our televisions, laptop and mobiles where we can watch our favourite movies and serials. The video streaming services of Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar etc. have generously added new content to their platforms to assist us in our boredom, but they do charge a hefty amount for their services. So, many of us switch to alternative options where we get access to unlimited movies and TV shows of our choice, that too without paying a penny. is one such site where people can find pirated videos of their selections.

As a public torrent website, Movie Rulz has been banned by the Government of India under the piracy prevention act. There have been many arrests in this regard but the site has found a way around things. Movierulz constantly keeps changing its domain name to avoid tracking and getting caught.

Should we stop using Movierulz?

Piracy is a growing issue in the industry today. Box office collections are taking a toll due to free availability of a wide selection of content at a great quality. This does little harm to the big budget movies. However, movies backed by small production houses face heavy losses as people prefer watching it at home on such pirated sites instead of spending money in theatres and single screens. The only method to avoid this is to ensure strict policies in movie theatres that prevents any form of recording and piracy. The cyber cell should be more active to keep track of such crimes and prevent them before being released online.

Movierulz, Tamilrockers, 123movies etc. are just sites. The government has policies in place but they can only be implemented properly if we stop using these sites. Supporting such small scale movies and shows will lead to creative freedom and eventually, we will get to see great pieces of content. 

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