Anurag Kashyap Ends The ‘Newton’ Plagiarism Controversy


As of lately released Bollywood film, Newton is making enough controversies.  To start with, in a practically phenomenal show of endorsement, the Film Federation of India’s (FFI) 14-part board of trustees consistently picked the Rajkumar Rao-starrer as India’s legitimate section to the Oscars on Friday, 22 September. The film got rave surveys, with the general accord that it was the best film of 2017.

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Be that as it may, festivities over the uncommon accomplishment and spouting applause kept going a negligible 24 hours. To exacerbate the situation, in the meantime, whispers about plagiarisation began making the rounds, and the producers were soon called upon to protect their work. On Saturday, 23 September, made swells by pointing out likenesses between chief Amit Masurkar’s dull drama Newton and a 2001 Iranian movie Secret Ballot, coordinated by Babak Payami. The similitudes in the expansive introduce of the two movies are irrefutable — the two movies spin around the problem looked by a legitimate surveying officer entrusted with guaranteeing that voting goes on easily in a contention ridden range.

Be that as it may, vindication came the previous evening as a perfect chit straight from the stallion’s mouth — Secret Ballot’s maker Marco Muller and executive Babak Payami cleared Newton of any endeavours of stealing their film.

In a rankling Facebook post on Monday, producer Anurag Kashyap assailed the “over-enthusiastic media” and “cinephiles” for letting their imaginations run wild with allegations of plagiarism. Kashyap shared screenshots of the exchange with Muller, in which the producer calls Newton a “pretty decent film, definitely no rip off from our Secret Ballot (even if the general concept is the same)” and says that there is “not even a hint of plagiarism”.

Today morning, Kashyap composed another Facebook post disgracing “controversy mongerers”, by sharing a screenshot of a yet-to-be-discharged meeting amongst Payami and an anonymous Indian columnist over the written falsification discussion. In the meeting extract, Payami compliments the group of Newton for its Oscar selection to speak to India and says that topical likenesses ought not to constrain producers from getting vital subjects that should be talked about.

It merits saying that Kashyap has been a vociferous supporter of Newton from the begin. His Twitter course of events is loaded with applaud for the film and satisfaction over its Oscar designation. At the point when the copyright infringement debate broke out, he was unequivocal in his confidence that Newton’s creators had submitted no wrongdoing.

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