Prakash Raj clarifies he is not returning National Awards


Prestigious performing artist Prakash Raj has issued an illumination on his comment of restoring his five National Awards in the challenge of columnist Gauri Lankesh’s murder and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ensuing quiet on the catastrophe. In a video he shared on Twitter, Raj illuminated that his comment of restoring the National Awards was in amiableness and was made a huge deal about. He added does not plan to do as such. Be that as it may, he additionally said that he is firm on his remain of scrutinizing Modi for not talking a word against each one of the individuals who are commending the murder of columnists like Lankesh.Prakash Raj | Gauri Lankesh | Narendra Modi |

Prakash Raj not returning his National Award

“We do not know who killed them (slain journalists). But we do know who is celebrating the murders. When you see that the prime minister of the country is following (on Twitter) those who are celebrating the murders, when he is not taking a stand against it, when he has maintained silence on the issue, that silence hurts,” said Raj.He additionally elucidated that his comments ought not be perused in a political setting. “For me, he (Modi) is not the leader of any other party. I do not belong to any political party. As a citizen of this country, I think I have the right to speak against the silence of my prime minister,” he said in the video on his Twitter page.

The National Award-winning on-screen character, Prakash Raj made his underlying remarks on the PM while conveying a discourse at the eleventh State meet of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, according to The News Minute. Saying that times of experience has empowered him to perceive when a man’s “acting”, the performing artist recommended that Modi is a “greater performer” than him. He went ahead to express his want to give his National honours to ‘on-screen characters’ taking on the appearance of lawmakers.

The murder of Gauri Lankesh, a vocal commentator of conservative radicalism, stunned the country; Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no comments on about it so far. Offering to give his National Awards to Yogi Adityanath. Raj is known to be a dear companion of Lankesh.


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