Stand-up comedian Danish Sait to appear in Humble Politician Nograj


Bengaluru’s mainstream radio maneuver and stand-up comedian Danish Sait might not have envisioned that one day a modify self-image, that he made to trick his audience members on his show, would be made into a movie. Danish is at present caught up with producing satire recordings and sharing them on his social networking handles advancing his forthcoming Kannada film Humble Politician Nograj, which is expected in silver screens this Friday.

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“I grew up in the political environment,” said Danish when asked how the seed of Nograj character germinated in his mind. “One of the characters I created was Nograj. I used to watch Family Guy and I was inspired by it. I made animation characters to make prank calls. These characters resonate with the parts of Mysore and Bangalore and the culture of areas that I grew up in. My surroundings generally influenced me in creating characters like Malayalee guy Chacko. One of the influences was this character Nograj.I wanted to bring Nograj’s character into a visual form gradually. I believe audio in the country is still in the nascent form of entertainment because its consumption is not as much as video,” in this way Danish moved from the radio to advanced video stage.

Nograj’s inflection and expression made Danish’s a major hit with Bengalureans. Furthermore, a trick call to the workplace of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) even landed him an awesome gig with the IPL group. He began facilitating the RCB “Insider Show” tricking the individuals with amusing inquiries as Mr. Nags. Danish used Nograj to make parody recordings on social issues, which turned into a web sensation on the web. “I was in New York studying improv. One day I called up my friend Saad Khan, who is a filmmaker, and told him let’s make a film called Humble Politician Nograj,” he reviewed.

“Saad and I sat together and wrote the film together. Now people have seen Nograj on YouTube videos, heard him on the radio. We had to bring in the characters like his PA Manjunath and wife Lavanya that he mentioned in his shows. We had to create a new world around Nograj,” he included. He said he was sufficiently fortunate to get makers like Rakshit Shetty, Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, and Hemanth Rao as they were extremely steady all through the task. “Rakshit Shetty has already watched the film twice. Puneeth Rajkumar also enjoyed the film,” Danish uncovered. Danish is additionally very amped up for the reaction the reaction the film has earned for its paid debut appears. “We sold about 1200 tickets in 18 minutes on Monday, which was unheard of,” said Danish.

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