Triple Talaq – No more TALAQ!TALAQ!TALAQ!


India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday prohibited ” triple talaq “, or instant divorce, followed by some in the Muslim people group, saying it is “unlawful”. But before knowing why it is in news let us first check out what is it exactly. Triple talaq is the practice adopted by Muslims, where men divorce their wives by simply pronouncing “talaq” three times. This mode of divorce is not universal among Muslims across the world but is pervasive among India’s Muslim community.

Why a Buzz??

The issue attracted media’s attention not just after the verdict but from the past two years, since Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), launched a campaign to ban triple talaq and “Nikah halala” -a practice where divorced women, in case they want to go back to their first husbands, have to consummate a second marriage.

The Supreme Court in a historic judgment on Tuesday, 22-08-2017 overruled the 1,400-year-old practice of triple talaq, under which a five-judge constitution bench won by a majority of 3:2 said the practice of “‘talaq-e-biddat’ (triple talaq) is set aside. This now solves the major issues such as gender discriminatory and violation of the right to equality among the Muslim community. A hard-fought legal battle is not just won by five Muslim women w but also for lakhs of silent sufferers from the community.

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