How to Eat Healthy Food on Budget ( A Budget Friendly Diet)

Eating Healthy on a Budget Taking healthy food is not important but taking the food that which body requires is important. This article describes you how to have good food at better price accordingly to our body condition. Before going to take healthy food we should know what balanced diet is. A balanced diet means having appropriate body requirements like proteins, vitamins, sugars, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, sodium etc. based on your body weight, age, and gender on a daily basis.

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For example, if your weight is 150 pounds you require 55 gms of protein per day. First of all, we should know in which our body is deficient in with the help of symptoms. If we are having vitamin C deficiency eye vision will not be clear which is a symptom. A nutritionist suggests the body deficiencies and accordingly its intake in which you are deficient in adding a balanced diet to it.

Main Courses to Eat When You ave Low Budget

The main sources of food are plants and animals through which we can achieve balanced diet recovering deficiencies. Few of them are rich in proteins, rich in vitamins and so on. But planning on budget basis is very important. For example, the egg contains 13% of protein with the energy of 155calories, dried apricot contains 5% of protein with the energy of 320 calories. If protein requirement is considered in the body egg is rich in protein and if energy is considered apricot is rich. But on the budget basis and protein content basis egg is appropriate food. So accordingly based on the following example, considerations prepare a chart and follow the healthy budget diet.

If you want rich compositions of food at better prices there are few ways to buying food items in bulk by visiting marketplaces(where competitive selling is found), buying foods that we can store in the refrigerator, buying cheap foods with rich composition and likewise according to your own perception.

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