How to Floss Your Teeth – Complete Guide

How to Floss Your Teeth – Do you have any Plaque on your Teeth? Do you find any difficult to clean your teeth regularly? Do you know the best way to remove plaque? If you do not know then am going to explain to you the best method called Flossing which removes plaque daily. If you are ready then follow this complete article and then try to clean your teeth and remove Plaque completely.

Flossing makes your teeth clean and increases the lifetime. Flossing also helps you to strengthen your teeth and reduce all the gum problems you have. Interesting right?

Steps to Remove Plaque from your Teeth

As there are several varieties to use, you can use any of the floss methods you wish among Waxed, Unwaxed, Flavored, and Unflavored. If you want to use Multifilament floss then you can use Nylon thread or if you want to use monofilament then you can use PTFE floss.

  • You need to take any of the threads you wish and then wrap the ends around your fingers.
  • Hold the floss thread with your thumb and then try to floss your teeth from one corner to the other corner.
  • You need to careful while you floss your teeth as it touches the gum of your teeth. Slowly move the thread to and fro at the position you put.
  • Clean your teeth with this thread. But if you think that the threads softness has gone then you can take another one and then complete the same process.
  • Repeat the same process on each tooth and then check whether the plaque is removing or not. You need not put much pressure on your teeth as it will harm you.

If you think about the better time to floss your teeth then you can choose after you brush your teeth. Many people find flossing them after brushing their teeth.



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