ITIL Consultant Salary in Bangalore 2022

ITIL Consultant Salary


An ITIL assessment is a standard initial step in implementing ITIL best practices. An ITIL gap analysis is another name for it. This popular ITIL consulting solution generates a prioritized set of activities for your next round of process and service enhancements. Allow us to get you started in the correct direction.


What are the Responsibilities of the Consultants?

It’s difficult to accurately assess and list the responsibilities of a consultant that works with the company. It is because each customer or client is unique, and each implementation has its own set of problems and requirements. But consider this: if someone requires a consultant, it’s because they’re stuck in their implementation and need someone with greater expertise. So, in a nutshell, as a consultant, you should be a “safe harbor” for your client, someone they can come to when they want expertise and experience.

Aside from your skills, your customer needs you to complete a task that they are unable to complete due to a lack of resources or another reason.


What is the Foundation Certification for ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 Foundation certification is the ITIL qualification scheme’s entry-level certification. It elucidates the best practices that IT firms must embrace and modify in order to achieve efficient IT Service Management. ITIL 4 guarantees that IT services are linked with evolving business demands and offers recommendations on how to convert IT into a strategic asset rather than a service provider. Upgrade provides ITIL® 4 Foundation certification classroom and online training in Bangalore, conducted by qualified, experienced trainers who are regarded as some of the top ITIL Foundation teachers in the market. The upgrade is regarded as one of Bangalore’s top ITIL Foundation training centers.


What do you Require from an ITIL Consultant?

Attendees have a lot of questions about ITSM jobs (IT Service Management). In an ITSM career, we dispute qualifications, clients (their wants, motivations, and particular), market, competition, prices, and success. Essentially, an ITIL consultant deals with all of these issues.

ITIL is a single mechanism (or framework) that organizations may use to improve the quality of service they provide to their clients. A true consultant should use a variety of methods to assist the company he is working with, and help achieve the set goals. A company that wishes to ‘do ITIL’ has to think about its goals more explicitly.


ITIL consultants have the following characteristics:

  • Education – No formal education is necessary to work as a consultant (ITIL or any other). However, ITIL offers a good educational path (for more information, check the article ITIL Certification Path – List of All Available ITIL Trainings, Exams, and Certificates). The ITIL Expert credential is the one to aim for if you want to demonstrate your expertise. The Foundation level, for example, is relatively prevalent in the ITSM industry, but it’s not a level that will allow you to brag about your skill and understanding, and it’s likely that many of your client’s staff will hold that certificate.
  • Experience – Your clients will not hire you for more basic tasks until you have experience. What they do is provide IT services to businesses. As a result, you’ll need experience in both ITSM and business, as well as the ability to integrate the two areas (that will be the majority of your engagements, actually).
  • Subject matter expertise – Combine the previous two statements and you have expertise. That is to say, you are well educated (theoretical) and have extensive experience using that knowledge in the actual world (praxis). That is what distinguishes you as an expert. Clients appreciate this when they engage a consultant.


Beyond the Observable

Being an ITIL expert with a lot of expertise is a great way to start a consulting firm. However, the bad news is that it is insufficient. There are also plenty of additional qualities that an ITIL consultant (or, for that matter, any consultant) must possess. The following are the most important:

  • Skills in Project Management – Implementation is a big part of your job as a consultant. That’s where project management comes in, and the customer considers project management abilities to be an ITSM or ITIL consultant’s default competency.
  • Communication Abilities – In addition to explaining difficult issues in an understandable manner, you will need to speak with a variety of people in the client’s organization (from top management down to network administrators), and you must be a good listener.
  • Problem Solver/Analyst – Analytics is something that consultants perform on a regular basis. It necessitates a unique approach to the difficulties at hand, as well as patience and expertise.
  • Documentation – In order to speed up your work and prevent “reinventing the wheel” for each new customer, you’ll require ITIL processes/functions documentation for the implementation. You’ll also want template forbids, project proposals, project plans, and management presentations, among other things.
  • Tools – You’ll need a tool to keep track of all your client information (for example, CRM), as well as the state of your connection with them, contacts, projects you work on for them, and so on. It’s also a good idea to use a GAP analysis tool before submitting a to-do list.

This list may go on and on, but the key thing is that you step up your actions and don’t generate papers and information for new clients from the start. Any documentation you employ will, of course, need to be tailored to the client’s company.


Salary of an ITIL Consultant in Bangalore

ITIL Consultant salaries in India range from 3.2 lakhs to 13.5 lakhs per year, with an average of 7.0 lakhs. Based on 102 salaries obtained from Itil Consultants, salary estimates have been calculated [Ref.]. There might be a variation with time and demand of these consultants. However, the salary of ITIL® certified consultants is bound to increase owing to the seeming changes in the industry.



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