AAP MP Atishi Slams Cricketer Gautam Gambhir!


On May 9, Twitter was on fire when AAP EAST Delhi candidate Atishi slams opponent Gautam Gambhir cricketer-turned-politician, says that his party BJP had distributed letters in the assembly which degraded the respect of Atishi. Atishi in tears was very emotional as the pamphlet had words like “prostitute” and demanded a proper apology from her opponent Gautam Gambhir and accused him for this obscene act.

Twitter battle grew as people started to respond to this derogatory act. Even activists like, Harish Iyer congress member stood as a part in the twitter rivalry.

As the heat in Twitter grew, the backstory of this issue states -Atishi received a letter on Thursday, which contained harsh and obscene words. Upon investigation, none of the assembly members had received any letter with this subject. But one RWA president has also received a similar letter who refused to reveal their identity.

The RWA President said that he got a letter in his office and was in utter shock after he read out its contents. He said it had demeaning words written against women and such letters should not be allowed to any candidate irrespective of party.

Atishi even said that she had welcomed Gambhir but never expected that he would turn up to stoop in the Lok Sabha Polls. AAP leaders slammed Gambhir in social media while supporting Atishi. An “Illegal rally” FIR was filed on Gambhir for his objectionable act according to the AAP party members.

For this Gambhir responded that he would withdraw from the Lok Sabha Elections if the charge was proven true against him. In a tweet, Gambhir said “I declare That if it’s proven that I did it, I will withdraw my candidature from the elections. If not, will you quit politics.” to AAP Kejriwal and Atishi. Gambhir continued to slam AAP leader, Kejriwal in a series of tweets saying he was ashamed and dejected to have Kejriwal as the chief minister.

Gambhir also expressed that he had five women in his family and he would not do such ”petty” politics. He even said that he would not let the AAP leaders go free and he would file a defamation case against the leaders.
Atishi has written to the Election Commission stating that Gambhir should be restrained from campaigning for 72 hours. Atishi said, “First, Discrepancies in the nomination papers and soon the criminal offense of having 2 voter ID’s and lately the FIR for illegal rally.” “When you don’t know the rules, why play the game.” Continued Atishi to the first time contestant Gautam Gambhir.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter shared their feelings and Tweeted with #IstandWithAtishi to state their solidarity with the AAP politician. As the trail goes on Atishi blames Gautam Gambhir and he blames Kejriwal for this “mean” act of passing filth amongst the politicians.

Clearly, The cricketer-turned-politician has been through a rough phase handling criminal offenses to illegal rally by their opponents.

Gambhir even claims this act as “dirty” and his opponents have left no chance to defame his image and titles this issue as the dirty politics ways to win over the candidate by spreading anomalies.
This issue has past 4 days and yet no proper investigation has been done and the truth about the origin of the letter is still unknown.

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