Fasting In Ramadan


During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are obligated to fast the entire month. Every day from dawn to sunset Fasting majorly requires the abstinence from food and drinks. Fasting the month of Ramadān has been made obligatory also called waajib during month of Sha‘bān, in the second year after Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madīnah. Fasting the month of Ramadan is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam.

Eating, drinking, and sexual relations are strictly not allowed between dawn i.e. fajr and sunset i.e. maghrib. Fasting is also considered an act of deeply personal worship in which Muslims usually seek a raised level of closeness to Allah.

During the holy month of ramadan, all the Muslims are expected to put more and more effort into the teachings of Islam by refraining themselves from violence, anger, envy, greed, lust, angry/sarcastic retorts, gossip, and are also meant to try to get along with each other which are better than normal. Also all obscene and irreligious stimuli are to be strictly avoided as purity of both the thought and action is important.

During Ramadan mosques will provide iftar or dinner meals after sundown for the communities to come and end their day’s fasting as a gathering. It is also very common for such meals to take place at Muslim soup kitchens. Fast is broken with a date following the tradition of Muhammad, or with water or sometimes salt according to the availability.

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