Google adds new feature which makes you to hide your location history


Google makes it easier for users to control their location history, in hope of making easy for users Google announced that it will be launching a new feature which allows all users to auto-delete their Location History and also their activity data.

Marlo McGriff and David Monsees, Product Managers at Google, explained: “You can already use your previous Google Account to simply access the on/off controls for History of Locations and also Web App Activity as well, and if you choose – to delete all or part of that data manually’in some blog also, In addition to these options, google is also announcing auto-delete controls that make it more easier for users to manage their data.”

For collecting users’ geo-location data worth privacy scandals and criticism for years, Google announced today plans to launch out a new feature that will let users auto-delete location, browsing, and search history data as well from their accounts after a particular period of time.

This new feature of hiding location history is about to launch out in the coming weeks, and also according to Google users will also be able to set an expiration date for informations like all the past Google searches, activities on Google-owned sites, and any installations and usage of any Android apps and games, users are also allowed to set dates for Chrome browsing history only if users chose to sync it, and perhaps the location data Google normally collects through the Location History feature which is included with some of its services, such as Google Search engine and Maps.

Also, based on screenshots which Google released earlier today, users will be able to search with an option in the section of their account settings that usually lets them store all the location and web & app data indefinitely inside their Google accounts until they decide to delete it manually, or also auto-delete data when it gets three months old, or after 18 months.
According to the new update, there are also some new controls which allows users to choose a time limit to keep their activity data i.e., either three or eight months.

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