Byju’s Legal Battle: Karnataka High Court Orders Status Quo on Share Allotments


Byju's Legal Battle
Byju’s Legal Battle

Byju’s Legal Battle Intensifies: Karnataka High Court Orders Status Quo on Share Allotments

In a significant development in the ongoing legal tussle involving edtech giant Byju’s, the Karnataka High Court has directed the company to maintain the status quo on share allotments and transactions until the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) reaches a final decision. This order was issued on Wednesday by a division bench comprising Chief Justice NV Anjaria and Justice KV Aravind, who heard appeals against a single judge’s order that had previously set aside an NCLT directive restraining Byju’s from proceeding with its second rights issue.

High Court’s Directions

The High Court’s ruling included several crucial directives aimed at preserving the current state of affairs:

  • Maintain Status Quo: All parties involved in the dispute are to maintain the status quo regarding the subject matter as of July 5.
  • Share Allotments on Hold: Byju’s has been ordered to refrain from allotting shares in the interim, with the status of any share allotments or related transactions made between July 2-5 remaining subject to the NCLT’s final order.
  • NCLT’s Independent Consideration: The NCLT has been instructed to consider the case independently on remand, uninfluenced by previous observations, and to complete the proceedings expeditiously by July 31.

The High Court clarified that it had not delved into the merits of the case, leaving the substantive issues for the NCLT to determine.

Byju’s Seeks Time for Undertaking (Byju’s Legal Battle News)

In response to the court’s directions, Byju’s has sought 48 hours to decide on an undertaking not to sell or pledge its assets. This move comes amid mounting legal challenges from investors and creditors.

Background of the Dispute

The ongoing legal battle primarily revolves around allegations of oppression and mismanagement by Byju’s management, as claimed by a group of dissatisfied investors. The contentious issues include share allotments and rights issues that have raised concerns among investors.

Recent Developments

Earlier this week, the NCLT directed Byju’s legal battle to pay employee salaries or face an audit, highlighting the financial and operational pressures the company is under. The tribunal has also scheduled a rehearing on July 9 regarding the stay on the second rights issue and a contempt petition filed by investors.

Implications for Byju’s legal battle

The Karnataka High Court’s order underscores the heightened scrutiny and legal complexities surrounding Byju’s as it navigates multiple legal battles. The company must now await the NCLT’s final decision, which will significantly impact its corporate actions and investor relations.

Byju's Legal Battle
Byju’s Legal Battle


Byju’s, once hailed as a beacon of India’s edtech sector, is now grappling with serious legal and financial challenges. The Karnataka High Court’s directive to maintain the status quo on share allotments marks a pivotal moment in this ongoing saga. As the NCLT prepares to deliver its final judgment, all eyes will be on how Byju’s navigates these turbulent waters and whether it can restore confidence among its investors and stakeholders.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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