Whatsapp to end support for Windows phones!


If one is still using Windows Phone in 2019, you will now have another reason to buy a brand new Android or iOS based Phone! As WhatsApp has announced that it will not be supporting the Windows powered phones from December 31, 2019.

In a recent WhatsApp statement which is in line with Microsoft’s decision to end the support for all the Windows 10 Mobile devices in December. Also in the beginning of the year, Microsoft has said that it will continue to provide all security and software updates till the end of 2019 for all its mobile platforms but will not be releasing any new major version updates. The Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709 which was released in October 2017 was the last known release of Windows 10 Mobile.

Whatsapp announced that it is going to end its support for Windows Mobiles after 31st of December, 2019. All the phones that are running any kind of Windows Operating systems will not be able to run whatsapp any more from 2020.

The end of support for Windows phone platform from December 31st, 2019 was also announced by a mobile device service blog post by Whatsapp recently. In this case of end of support by whatsapp doesn’t only mean that there will be no future updates on windows phones but also that they will no longer be able to use Whatsapp.

Above is the updated list of mobiles that will not be able to run whatsapp on it after December,2019.
Nokia S40 after December 31, 2018
All Windows Phone operating systems,

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