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Advanced casting and welding Notes VSSUT – ACW Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Advanced casting and welding Notes VSSUT – ACW Notes VSSUT

Module – 1

Casting processes

Classification, Metal mould casting processes, advanced casting processes,

investment casting, Rheocasting,  mould and core making materials and their characteristics

Technology of Selected casting Processes: Clay bonded, synthetic resin bonded,

inorganic material bonded mould and core making, sand additives,

mould coating, continuous casting process, centrifugal casting process

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Module – 2

Casting defects

inspection, diagnosis and rectification,

mechanization and automation in foundries, use of robots, casting design,

near net shape casting, pollution control, energy and waste management in foundries

Physics of welding arc, characteristics of arc, modes of metal transfer, welding fluxes,

electrode coating, classification of electrode, characteristics of welding power source,

pulsed and inverter type power source, power source for resistance welding, weldability

weldability tests, Weldability of cast iron, Plain carbon steel,

Determination of preheating temperature, Stainless steel, use of Scheffler’ s diagram.

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Module – 3

Heat flow in welding

significance, theory of heat flow, cooling rate determination,

selection of welding parameters based on heat flow analysis

residual stress and its measurement, types and control of distortion

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Module – 4

Analysis of fatigue of welded joint

fracture and toughness testing and its application on welded joint,

automated welded joint, microprocessor based of control resistance and arc welding,

quality assurance in welding, effects of welding fumes on environment.

Link: Module – 4


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1. Metallurgy of Welding Technology-D. Seferian, Chapman & Hall

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