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Analysis and Design of Algorithms PDF VSSUT – ADA PDF VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Analysis and Design of Algorithms Notes VSSUT – ADA Notes VSSUT

Module – 1

Algorithms and Complexity

orders, worst-case and average-case, amortized complexity

Basic Techniques,  divide & conquer, dynamic programming,

greedy method, backtracking, Asymptotic notation

Aggregate analysis,  Potential method, Master theorem

Substitution method, Algorithm and design technique

Matrix chain multiplication, Longest common sub-sequences (LCS)

Optimal binary search tree, Greedy algorithm

Huffman codes

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

Branch and bound

randomization, Data Structures: heaps, search trees

union-find problems, Applications: sorting & searching, combinatorial

problems, Branch and bound, Randomization, Data Structure

Optimal substructure of a shortest path, Dijkstra’s algorithm

Use data to form a heap, remove highest priority item from heap (largest),

reform heap with remaining data

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Optimization problems

computational geometric problems, string matching

Graph Algorithms BFS and DFS, connected components

Line Segment Properties, Determining whether two line segments intersect

Graham’s scan, String Matching, Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm

Graph Algorithms – BFS and DFS: Breadth-first search (BFS):

Determining whether consecutive segments turn left or right

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Spanning trees

shortest paths, MAX-flow, NP- completeness,  Approximation algorithms

Spanning tree: Maximum flow, The Ford – Fulkerson method

Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm: Cuts of flow network:

NP-complete (polynomial time algorithm):

Polynomial time reduction algorithm: Polynomial time reduction algorithm:

Approximation algorithms, Vertex cover problem.

String – matching automata, Rabin – Karp Algorithm

Link: Module – 4

Text Book:

1. Introduction to Algorithms, 2/e ,T.H.Cormen,C.E.Leiserson, R.L.Rivest and C.Stein,

PHI Pvt. Ltd. / Pearson Education

Reference Books:

1. Algorithm Design: Foundations, Analysis and Internet examples,

M.T.Goodrich and R.Tomassia, John Wiley and sons.

2. Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms, Ellis Horowitz,

Satraj Sahni and Rajasekharam, Galgotia Publications Pvt. Ltd.

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