Compensation and Benefits Pdf Notes VTU | CB VTU Notes


Here you can download the Compensation and Benefits Pdf Notes VTU (CB VTU Notes) of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Compensation and Benefits Pdf Notes VTU | CB VTU Notes of Total Modules

Please find the download links of Compensation and Benefits Pdf Notes VTU (CB VTU Notes) are listed below:

Compensation and Benefits - III Notes VTU | CB PDF VTU

Link: Complete Notes


Module – 1

Introduction To Compensation: Definition of Compensation, The Pay Model, Strategic Pay Policies, Strategic Perspectives of Pay, Strategic Pay Decisions, Best Practices vs. Best Fit Options.

Link: Module-1


Module – 2

Defining Internal Alignment: Definition of Internal Alignment, Internal Pay Structures, Strategic Choices In Internal Alignment Design, Which Internal Structure Fits Best?

Link: Module-2


Module – 3

Job Analysis and Evaluation: Why Perform Job Analysis?, Job Analysis Procedures, Job Analysis Data Collection Process, Job Descriptions, Definition of Job Evaluation, Major Decisions In Job Evaluation, Job Evaluation Methods, Final Result – Pay Structure.

Link: Module-3


Module – 4

Determining External Competitiveness and Benefits Management: Competitiveness: Definition of Competitiveness, Pay Policy Alternatives, Wage Surveys, Interpreting Survey Results, Pay Policy Line, Pay Grades.
Benefits: Benefits Determination Process, Value of Benefits, Legally Required Benefits, Retirement, Medical, & Other Benefits.

Link: Module-4


Module – 5

Performance-Based Compensation System: Employee Contributions: Pay For Performance (PFP): Rewarding Desired Behaviors, Does Compensation Motivate Performance?, Designing PFP Plans, Merit Pay/Variable Pay, Individual vs. Group Incentives, Long-Term Incentives. Compensation of Special Groups: Who are Special Groups?, Compensation Strategies For Special Groups.

Link: Module-5


Module – 6

Legal & Administrative Issues in Compensation: Legal Issues, Pay Discrimination, Comparable Worth, Budgets and Administration.

Link: Module-6


Module – 7

Global Compensation: Recognizing Variations, Social Contract, Culture & Pay, Strategic Choices In Global Compensation, Comparing Systems, Expatriate Pay.

Link: Module-7

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