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Control System Engineering – I Notes VSSUT – CSE – I Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Module – 1

Introduction to Control system

Scope of Control System Engineer, Classification of Control System

Historical development of Control system, Analogues systems

Transfer function of Systems, Block diagram representation, Signal Flow Graph(SFG)

Basic Concept of Control System, Basic terminologies in control system

Classification, Natural control system and Man-made control system:

Automatic control system and Combinational control system

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Module – 2

Feedback Characteristics of Control systems and sensitivity measures

The Concept of Feedback and Closed loop control

Merits of using Feedback control system, Regenerative Feedback

Time Domain Analysis of Control Systems, Time response, System dynamics

Forced response,  Standard test signals, Steady-state error

Types of open-loop transfer function G(s)H(s)and Steady-state error:

Static Error coefficient Method, Generalized Error coefficient Method

First-order system, Impulse input to a first-order system

Link: Module – 2


Module – 3

Control System Components

Potentiometers, DC and AC Servomotors, Tachometers, Amplidyne

Hydralulic systems, Pneumatic systems, Stepper Motors

Construction steps, Starting points, Ending points, Determining gain at a root-locus point

Determine parts of the root-locus on the real axis

Link: Module – 3


Module – 4

Time Domain Performance Analysis of Linear Control Systems

Standard Test Signals, Time response of 1st order Systems

Unit step response of a prototype 2nd order system, Unit Ramp response of a second order system

Performance Specification of Linear System in Time domain,

The Steady State Errors and Error Constants , Effect of P, PI, PD and PID Controller

Effect of Adding a zero to a system, Performance Indices(ISE,ITSE,IAE, ITAE)

Approximations of Higher order Systems by Lower order Problems

Link: Module – 4

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