DDTV Imp qusts

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DDTV Imp qusts

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Paid Internship for Students

Study Abroad We Will Help You to Fill Your Dream

  1. (a) Explain about SM Chart?

(b) Implement the DICE GAME using Verilog ?

  1. Explain about following statement with example
  • The case statement
  • Wait construct
  • For Loop
  • Event


  • Write a brief note on Tri-State gate?
  • (a) Describe procedural continuous assignment statements Assign, De-assign, force, force & release.

(b)          Explain the compiler directives in details.

  • Write about complex programmable logic devices(CPLD) in detail with neat sketch.
    • Parallel blocks
    • Memory blocks
  • (a)           Explain the Pin-to-Pin Delay with example.

(b)         Explain and specify blocks of Path delay Modeling.


  • Write a brief note on Bi-directional gates.
  • Explain about following statement
    • $stop and  $finish task
    • $random function
    • $monitor task
  •    (a)          Discuss about the sequential models used in the digital design.

(b)        Write about basic Switch Primitives.

  • (a)          Write a brief notes on Sequential Models.

(b)         Discuss about the combinational circuit testing.


  1. (a)              Explain about the following terms with respect to Verilog
  2. Module path delay
  3. Hierarchical access

(b) Explain about different system tasks and functions available in Verilog with example.

  1. (a) Write a note on User Defined Sequential Primitives(UDP).

(b) Explain about Set up time and Hold time.

  1. Explain about following statements

(a)  $monitor   and   $display

(b) Simulation time

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