E-Commerce and Cyber Laws Notes VSSUT

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E-Commerce and Cyber Laws Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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E-Commerce and Cyber Laws Notes VSSUT

Module – 1

Electronic Commerce

Overview, Definitions, Advantages & Disadvantages of E Commerce,

Threats of E-Commerce, Cyber Laws. Technologies:

Relationship between E-Commerce and Networking,

Different Types of Networking for E-Commerce, internet, intranet,

EDI Systems. Wireless Application Protocol: Definition, Hand Held Devices,

Mobility & Commerce. Mobile Computing, Wireless Web, Web Security,

Infrastructure Requirement for E Commerce. Business Models of E-Commerce;

Model Based on Transaction Type, Model Based onTransaction Party

– B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, E-Governance.

Link: Module – 1


Module – 2


Technological Advances in Convergence – Types,

Convergence and its implications, Convergence and Electronic Commerce.

Collaborative Computing: Collaborative product development,

Content Management: Definition of content, Authoring Tools and Content Management,

Content – partnership, repositories, convergence,

providers Web Traffic & Traffic management: Content Marketing.

Call Centre: Definition, Need, Tasks Handled, Mode of Operation,

Equipment, Strength & Weaknesses of Call Centre,

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). Supply Chain Management:

E-logistics, Supply Chain Portal, Supply Chain planning Tools (SCP Tools),

Supply Chain Execution (SCE), SCE – Framework,

Internet‘s effect on Supply Chain Power.

Link: Module – 2


Module – 3

E-Payment Mechanism

Payment through card system, E-Cheque, E-Cash,

E-Payment Threats & Protections, E-Marketing: Home – shopping,

E-Marketing, Tele-Marketing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

Meaning, Benefits, Concepts, Application, EDI Model,

protocols (UN EDI FACT / GTDI, ANSIX – 12 Risk of E-Commerce:

Overview, Security for E-Commerce, Security Standards, Firewall, Cryptography,

Key Management, Password Systems, Digital Certificates, Digital Signatures

Link: Module – 3


Module – 4

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Features, capabilities and Overview of Commercial Software,

re-engineering work processes for IT applications, Business Process Redesign,

Knowledge Engineering and Data Warehouse. Business Modules: Finance,

Manufacturing (Production), Human Resources, Plant Maintenance,

Materials, Management, Quality Management Sales & Distribution ERP Package ERP Market:

ERP Market Place, SAP AG, People Soft, BAAN, JD Edwards,

Oracle Corporation.EAI(Enterprise application integration)

Link: Module – 4

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