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Electronics Circuits PDF VSSUT – EC PDF VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Module – 1

Diode circuit: Load line concept

clipping circuits, comparators, sampling gate,

rectifiers, capacitive filters, additional diode circuit. Transistor:

the junction transistor, transistor as an amplifier, transistor construction,

the CE configuration, the CB configuration, the CE cut-off and saturation region,

common emitter current gain, the common collector configuration,

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

Junction FET and its V-I characteristics

FET small signal model, FET biasing, MOSFET,

FET as a voltage-variable resistor (VVR), CD amplifier, the hybrid-pi CE transistor model,

hybrid-pi conductance and capacitance, validity of hybrid-pi model,

variation of hybrid-pi parameters, the CE short-circuit current gain,

current gain with resistive load, single stage CE transistor amplifier response,

emitter follower at high frequency. Classification of amplifier,

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Classification of amplifier

feedback concept, transfer gain, negative feedback, input-output resistance,

method of analysis of a feedback amplifier, voltage – series,

voltage-shunt, current- series and current shunt feedback,

effect of feedback on bandwidth, double and three pole transfer function with feedback,

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

The basic operational amplifier (OPAMP)

differential amplifier and its transfer characteristics,

emitter coupled differential amplifier, IC-OPAMP,

offset error voltage and current, temperature drift of input offset voltage and current,

measurement of OPAMP parameter and its frequency response,

Link: Module – 4

Module – 5

Classification of Amplifiers

Frequency response of an amplifier:

Low frequency response of BJT amplifier: High frequency response of BJT amplifier

Link: Module – 5

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