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Here you can download the free lecture notes of Engineering English Notes Pdf & Material Free Download notes pdf  materials with multiple file links to download. The Engineering English Notes Pdf & Material Free Download book starts with the topics covering General Intensive English, sedimentation aided with regulations, a compound word is a grammatical form in which nouns are linked together to express a new concept, abbreviations and acronyms, the speaking skills, etc.

English - I Notes pdf | ENG(1) notes pdf | English - I | English - I Notes | ENG(1) Notes

Engineering English Notes Pdf & Material Free Download File

Engineering English Notes Pdf & Material Free Download to download are listed below please check it –

Complete Notes

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Unit 1

Link: Unit 1 Notes

Unit 2

Link: Unit 2 Notes

Unit 3

Link: Unit 3 Notes

Unit 4

Link: Unit 4 Notes

Unit 5

Link: Unit 5 Notes

Note :- These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU. In R13 and R15,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in R13 and R15 syllabus. If you have any doubts please refer to the JNTU Syllabus Book.


GENERAL INTENSIVE ENGLISH,TYPES OF LISTENING,INTRODUCING YOURSELF TO AN AUDIENCE,Introducing Yourself to an Individual,Smile,Offer a handshake,Reveal a little bit of your background,Close the conversation,Tips,READING,Spotting authors’ navigation aids,Words and vocabulary,SKIMMING AND SCANNING,SCANNING,Make eye contact with a few people. Don’t stare down at some aimless point in the corner
of the room. Move your gaze around the group to make eye contact with a few people as
you speak. If you don’t like the thought of looking into that many eyes look at their
eyebrows or noses – they won’t be able to tell the difference.


Expalnation,flow chart,barchart,interpretation of graphics,water supply scheme,surface source,lakes,rivers,ponds,screening,sedimentation aided with wagulations, filtration,chlorination,storage rank,distribution,bardiagram,paragraph,the purpose of using graphics, bargraph,pie graph,flow chart,table etc,is a present information in a visual manner and a facilitate each understanding of the data.


Compound words. explanation of compound words,box top-top of the box,code file-file which contains code,computer memory-memory capacity of the computer,engine repair-engine works related to engine,diesel engine-engine using diesel,copper wire-wire made of copper,toy factory-factory for making toys,stop value-value made to stop the passage,oil pump-pump for removing oil,washing machine-machine used for washing,heat transfer-transfer of heat,friction losses-losses caused by friction,nickel alloy-alloy contain nickel,petrol engine-engine using petrol,power cable-cable for generating power,steel chair-chair made of steel,video screen-screen of the video.

English – I Notes pdf – ENG(1) notes pdf


Adverbs,objectives,single and substitutes,abbreviations and acronyms,essay writing,methods of write an essay,essay on communication,science and technology for rural India, ASTRA-an institutional experiment and growth,constrains and opportunities of using renewable energy,wind power, hydro-power, solar energy,conclusion,cyber crimes,cyber-terrorism,cyber bullying,transportation and growth,railways,roofs,ports,the future of computers,computer and technology,the past and future of computer technology.


the speeking skills,there are different ways to greet people,responding to greeting,things to remember about greeting,saying good by,parting phrases,leaving and saying goodbye.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many people speak english?

A1: Around 1.27 billion people speak English as on 2020 around the world followed by Mandarin and Hindi.

Q2: What are the tips to listen effectively?

A2: Tips to listen effectively are,


  • Always be prepared, physically and mentally to listen to the person speaking
  • You need to evaluate the speech and not the speaker
  • Do not be biased to the speaker by depersonalizing your own feelings
  • Need to stay away from distractions around
  • Have an open mind to listen


  • Do not ridicule the language or the words used by the speaker as you can understand the meaning
  • Do not focus or pay attention to the clothing or accessories of the speaker
  • Interrupting speaker while he/she is speaking is a big NO
  • Do not show that you are bored

Q3: What are the tips to have a good conversation?

A3: Tips have a good conversation,

  • Positivism is the key. Bringing negative thoughts and information about anything need to be avoided
  • Do not speak when you are eating
  • Keep your attention on the person you need to meet, respect the person
  • Before shaking hands or meeting someone, clean your sweaty hands
  • Do not get distracted or look away

Q4: What is skimming?

A4: Skimming is carried out around 4-5 times faster than the normal reading. It is used to understand the main gist/ideas of a text. When we are reading a newspaper, we do not read it word by word instead we scan the text. We often skim when we have lot of material to go through, understand and read in a very limited amount of time. There are a lot of techniques which can be used in skimming.

  1. Reading first and last paragraph
  2. Glancing through headings, sub headings, illustration o
  3. r subtitles
  4. Reading the first or last sentence of each paragraph

Skimming is very good when we need to find names, places and dates as well as to review charts, tables and graphs

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