Environmental Engineering 2 VTU Notes – EE 2 VTU


Here you can download the Environmental Engineering 2 VTU Notes – EE 2 VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Environmental Engineering 2 VTU Notes – EE 2 VTU of Total Modules

Please find the download links of the Environmental Engineering 2 VTU Notes – EE 2 VTU are listed below:

Environmental Engineering 2 VTU Notes - EE 2 VTU

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Link: PartA Notes


UNIT – 1

INTRODUCTION: Necessity for sanitation, methods of domestic waste water disposal, types of sewerage systems and their suitability. Dry weather flow, factors affecting dry weather flow, flow variations and their effects on the design of the sewerage system. computation of design flow, estimation of storm flow, rational method and empirical formulae of the design of storm water drain. Time of concentration.

Link: Unit-1 


UNIT – 2

DESIGN OF SEWERS: Hydraulic formulae for velocity, effects of flow variations on velocity, self-cleaning, and nonscouring velocities, Design of hydraulic elements for circular sewers flowing full and flowing partially full (No derivations). MATERIALS OF SEWERS: Sewer materials, shapes of sewers, laying of sewers, joints, and testing of sewers, ventilation, and cleaning of sewers.

Link: Unit-2 


UNIT – 3

SEWER APPURTENANCES: Catch basins, manholes, flushing tanks, oil and grease traps, Drainage traps. Basic principles of house drainage. Typical layout plan showing house drainage connections, maintenance of house drainage.

Link: Unit-3 


UNIT – 4

WASTEWATER CHARACTERIZATION: Sampling, significance, techniques, and frequency. Physical, Chemical and Biological characteristics, Aerobic and Anaerobic activity, CNS cycles. BOD and COD. Their significance & problems.

Link: Unit-4 



Link: Part-B 


UNIT – 5

DISPOSAL OF EFFLUENTS: Disposal of Effluents by dilution, self-purification phenomenon. Oxygen sag curve, Zones of purification, Sewage farming, sewage sickness, Effluent Disposal standards for land, surface water & ocean. Numerical Problems on Disposal of Effluents. Streeter Phelps equation.

Link: Unit-5 


UNIT – 6

TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER: Flow diagram of municipal wastewater treatment plant. Preliminary & Primary treatment: Screening, grit chambers, skimming tanks, primary sedimentation tanks – Design criteria & Design examples.

Link: Unit-6 


UNIT – 7

SECONDARY TREATMENT: Suspended growth and fixed film bioprocess. Trickling filter – theory and operation, types and designs. Activated sludge process- Principle and flow diagram, Modifications of ASP, F/M ratio. Design of ASP.

Link: Unit-7 


UNIT – 8

Anaerobic Sludge digestion, Sludge digestion tanks, Design of Sludge drying beds. Low-cost waste treatment method. Septic tank, Oxidation Pond and Oxidation ditches – Design. Reuse and recycling of wastewater.

Link: Unit-8 

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