GATE Agricultural Engineering Question Papers with Answers


GATE Agricultural Engineering Question Papers with Answers

Here you can find in the below link of GATE Agricultural Engineering Question Papers with Answers  – GATE AG Question Papers of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE Agricultural Engineering Question Papers with Answers | GATE AG Question Papers

GATE Agricultural Engineering Question Papers with Answers | GATE AG Question Papers
Question Papers for GATE Agricultural Engineering


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1. If the Reel Speed Index of a grain combine is more than 1.5, it will increase
(A) Cutter bar loss
(B) Shatter loss
(C) Cylinder loss
(D) Straw walker loss

2. In fuel property determination, Reid vapour pressure test is used for measuring
(A) Volatility
(B) Viscosity
(C) Sulphur content
(D) Carbon residue

3. The back sight of 1.258 m was observed for the bench mark (BM) at reduced level (RL) of 48 m. The corresponding fore sight on the staff held vertically inverted to the underside of a bridge beam is 4.645 m. The RL at the underside of the bridge beam in m is
(A) 44.613
(B) 46.936
(C) 51.581
(D) 53.903

4. One hundred kilogram spice is extracted for essential oil using twice the amount of a pure organic solvent. The extracted solid mass contains 5% residual oil (oil-free solid mass basis). The liquid extracted mass contains 20% oil. Assume no solvent is retained by the extracted solid mass. Initial mass of the oil in the spice in kg is ________________

5. The correct statement in respect of rice parboiling process is
(A) kernel structure becomes soft and it cooks easily
(B) heat treatment during parboiling preserves some antioxidants
(C) parboiled rice retains more proteins, vitamins and minerals
(D) shelling of parboiled rice becomes more difficult

6. In a counter-current flow double pipe heat exchanger (DPHE), temperature difference between the hot and cold liquids at all positions is held constant at C. If the effectiveness of the heat exchanger is 0.65 and heat capacity ratio of hot and cold liquids is 1, the number of transfer units (NTU) is ______.

7. The connecting rod of an internal combustion engine is subjected to
(A) compression only
(B) tension only
(C) both compression and tension
(D) torsion only

8. Mole drain is the most suitable drainage system for
(A) heavy clay soil
(B) loamy soil
(C) sandy soil
(D) silty soil

9.  An unsteady time-drawdown pumping test was conducted in a confined aquifer and the drawdown was measured with time in an observation well located at a certain distance away from the pumping well. Using these time-drawdowndata, we can determine
(A) transmissivity only
(B) storage coefficient only
(C) specific storage only
(D) both transmissivity and storage coefficient

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