Gate Ecology and Evolution Solved Question Papers


Gate Ecology and Evolution Solved Question Papers

Here you can find in the below link of Gate Ecology and Evolution Solved Question Papers of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete Gate Ecology and Evolution Solved Question Papers


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GATE EY 2016 Question Paper GATE EY 2016 Key Paper
GATE EY 2015 Question Paper GATE EY 2015 Key Paper

Few Same questions from previous Gate GG question papers are listed below:

1. Members of which of the following animal phyla are exclusively marine?
(A) Cnidaria
(B) Echinodermata
(C) Mollusca
(D) Porifera

2. In any experimental design, we prefer a large sample size because:
(A) It reduces errors in the estimation of the mean effect
(B) It reduces the possibility of outliers
(C) It reduces type-I errors
(D) It reduces variability between different data points

3. Which of the following is NOT an example of an evolutionary arms race?
(A) Brood parasite and host interactions
(B) Conflict between parents and offspring
(C) Predator and prey interactions
(D) Recognition between kin

4. Which of the following invertebrates has the lowest gut length:body length ratio?
(A) dragonflies
(B) grasshoppers
(C) leaf hoppers
(D) termites

5. Which of the following does NOT form a component of phytohormone action?
(A) recognition of specific proteins
(B) regulation of gene activity
(C) splitting of water molecules
(D) signal transduction across the cell

6. If the rate of non-synonymous substitution at a locus exceeds that of synonymous substitution, then:
(A) deleterious mutations are accumulating
(B) evolution is not occurring
(C) genetic drift is operating
(D) selection is operating

7. Periodic glaciation at a global scale is a feature of which geological age?
(A) Cenozoic
(B) Paleozoic
(C) Jurassic
(D) Archaean

8. Acoustic signals degrade most rapidly in which of the following environments?
(A) In a rainforest
(B) At a depth of 100 ft in the open ocean
(C) In a desert
(D) In a Eucalyptus plantation

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