GATE Life Science 2016 Question Papers with Solution PDF


GATE Life Science 2016 Question Papers with Solution PDF

Here you can find in the below link of GATE Life Science 2016 Question Papers with Solution PDF – GATE

XL question Papers of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

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Few Same questions from previous Gate XL question papers are listed below:

1. Inter-conversion of UDP-glucose and UDP-galactose is catalyzed by
(A) an oxidase
(B) a kinase
(C) an epimerase
(D) a mutase

2. Amino acid residues predominantly involved in protein-DNA interactions are
(A) alanines
(B) negatively charged
(C) prolines
(D) positively charged

3. When freshly isolated intact mitochondria were incubated with ADP and inorganic phosphate neither the oxygen consumption nor the ATP synthesis could be detected. Addition of succinate resulted in increased oxygen consumption as well as ATP synthesis with time. Subsequent addition of cyanide to this system will result in which one of the following?
(A) Both oxygen consumption and ATP synthesis are inhibited
(B) Oxygen consumption continues but ATP synthesis is inhibited
(C) Oxygen consumption is inhibited but ATP synthesis continues (D) Both oxygen consumption and ATP synthesis continue

4. Which of the following is a neutral phenomenon?
(A) Natural selection
(B) Sexual selection
(C) Genetic drift
(D) Population bottleneck

5. Which of the following is NOT involved in plant immune response?
(A) Antimicrobial proteins
(B) Hypersensitive response
(C) Pattern recognition receptors
(D) Interleukins

6. Teichoic acid is composed of repetitive units of
(A) keto-deoxy octanoic acid
(B) glucose
(C) N-acetyl glucosamine
(D) glycerol

7. The net yield of NADH in the Embden-Meyerhof pathway in E. coli is________.

8. The sex of a Drosophila melanogaster, which has 4 copies of X-chromosomes and 4 sets of autosomes will be
(A) female.
(B) male.
(C) metafemale.
(D) metamale

9. When cells are treated with cyanide, which ONE of the following organelles will have the highest level of cyanide inside?
(A) Mitochondria
(B) Peroxisomes
(C) Lysosomes
(D) Endoplasmic reticulum

10. The primary function of polysaccharides attached to glycoproteins in the animal cell membrane is to
(A) facilitate diffusion of molecules down their concentration gradients.
(B) maintain membrane fluidity at low temperatures.
(C) maintain the integrity of a fluid mosaic membrane.
(D) mediate cell-to-cell recognition.

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