GATE Metallurgical Engineering Question Papers with Solution PDF


GATE Metallurgical Engineering Question Papers with Solution PDF

Here you can find the below link of GATE Metallurgical Engineering Question Papers with solution PDF – GATE Metallurgical Engineering Previous Years of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE Metallurgical Engineering Question Papers | GATE MT Question Papers


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Few Same questions from previous Gate MT question papers are listed below:

1. A sub-lance is used to monitor composition and temperature in
(B) Ladle refining furnace
(C) Continuous casting mould
(D) Blast furnace

2. A plastically deformed metal crystal at low temperature exhibits wavy slip line pattern due to
(A) Dislocation pile-up
(B) Large number of slip systems
(C) Low stacking fault energy
(D) Dislocation climb

3.  Railway tracks are typically manufactured using
(A) Forging
(B) Extrusion
(C) Deep Drawing
(D) Rolling

4. The operation NOT associated with casting is
(A) Gating
(B) Fettling
(C) Stack Moulding
(D) Calendaring

5.  Zn is commercially extracted from which of the following minerals?
(A) Sphalerite
(B) Magnetite
(C) Chalcopyrite
(D) Galena

6.  Which of the following metal working operations can be categorized as an indirect compression process?
(A) Forging
(B) Wire drawing
(C) Extrusion
(D) Stretch forming

7.  In polymers such as epoxies, creep resistance can be enhanced by
(A) increasing the bulkiness of side groups.
(B) increasing the cross-link density.
(C) addition of plasticizers.
(D) annealing

8.  Which of the following is NOT a solid state metal joining technique?
(A) Ultrasonic welding
(B) Friction welding
(C) Diffusion bonding
(D) Electroslag welding

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