GATE Mining Engineering Previous Year Question with Solution PDF


GATE Mining Engineering Previous Question Year with Solution PDF

Here you can find the below link of GATE Mining Engineering question paper – GATE Mining Engineering Previous Year Question with Solution PDF of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE Mining Engineering Previous Year Question with Solution PDF | GATE MN Question Papers


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Few Same questions from previous Gate MN question papers are listed below:

1. Which one of the following does NOT belong to the direct operating cost of a mine?
(A) Administrative cost
(B) Royalty
(C) Fuel cost
(D) Explosive cose

2. In an underground coal mine a driller, wearing personal protective equipment, was going to workplace along the travelling roadway. A piece of rock fell down from the roof and hit the person head causing serious injury. The cause of accident is
(A) unsafe act of the driller
(B) job stress
(C) unsafe act and unsafe condition
(D) unsafe condition

3. Identify the correct statement. NONEL is used for surface connection of the blast holes in order to
(A) achieve better water resistance over detonating fuse
(B) have a precise delay timing
(C) provide noiseless shock front movement
(D) avoid deflation

4. Parallel holes at right angles to the face with some holes uncharged are associated with the following shot hole pattern
(A) drag cut
(B) wedge cut
(C) pyramid cut
(D) burn cut

5. Underground coal mines are in principle ventilated by exhausting system, so that
(A) spontaneous heating risk is reduced
(B) fumes can be quickly removed in case of an underground fire
(C) build-up of methane concentration is decreased
(D) cool and fresh intake air can enter underground

6. In a drum hoisting system through a vertical shaft, over winding is prevented by
(A) Lilly controller
(B) detaching hook
(C) caliper brake
(D) safety catch

7. Dilatancy of rock is associated with
(A) increase in surface area after fragmentation
(B) decrease in volume due to compression of rock
(C) increase in shear strain due to cracking of rock
(D) increase in volume due to cracking of rock

8. Low shock and high gas pressure explosive is generally used for blasting of
(A) hard and brittle rock mass
(B) soft and jointed rock mass
(C) hard and massive intact rock mass
(D) soft and massive intact rock mass

9. In a fully mechanised bord and pillar mining system, winning of coal and its transportation from the face is commonly carried out with the combination of
(A) continuous miner, shuttle car, feeder breaker and belt conveyor
(B) continuous miner, LHD, feeder breaker and chain conveyor
(C) continuous miner, SDL, feeder breaker and belt conveyo
(D) continuous miner, shuttle car, feeder breaker and chain conveyor

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