GATE Production and industrial Engineering Question Papers & Solution


GATE Production and industrial Engineering Question Papers with Solution

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Complete GATE Production and industrial Engineering Question Papers with Solution


GATE PI 2017 Question Paper GATE PI 2017 Key Paper
GATE PI 2016 Question Paper GATE PI 2016 Key Paper
GATE PI 2015 Question Paper GATE PI 2015 Key Paper

Few Same questions from previous Gate PI question papers are listed below:

1. Divergence of the curl of a twice differentiable continuous vector function is
(A) unity
(B) infinity
(C) zero
(D) a unit vector

2. Using Simpson’s 1/3 rule for numerical integration, the consecutive points are joined by a
(A) line
(B) parabola
(C) polynomial with power 3
(D) polynomial with power 1/3

3. The ratio of press force required to punch a square hole of 30 mm side in a 1 mm thick aluminium sheet to that needed to punch a square hole of 60 mm side in a 2 mm thick aluminium sheet is________.

4. Consider the following statements.
(P) Computer aided process planning (CAPP) takes input from material requirement plan (MRP).
(Q) Production flow analysis helps in work cell formation.
(R) Group technology takes input from choice of machining or cutting parameters.
Among the above statements, the correct one(s) is (are)
(A) P only
(B) Q and R only
(C) P and R only
(D) Q only

5. A thin-walled cylindrical pressure vessel of internal diameter 2 m is designed to withstand an internal pressure of 500 kPa (gauge). If the allowable normal stress at any point within the cylindrical portion of the vessel is 100 MPa, the minimum thickness of the plate of the vessel (in mm) is________.

6.  Which of the following DO NOT influence the material removal rate in Electrical Discharge Machining process?
(i) Hardness of work piece material
(ii) Melting temperature of work piece material
(iii) Hardness of tool material
(iv) Discharge current and frequency
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) and (iii)
(C) (iii) and (iv)
(D) (i), (ii) and (iii)

7. In Computer Aided Process Planning, determination of process sequence for manufacture of any part design without predefined standard plans is known as
(A) variant type process planning
(B) retrieval type process planning
(C) generative type process planning
(D) group technology based process planning

8. Material Requirements Planning DOES NOT include
(A) material price
(B) bill of material
(C) inventory level
(D) production schedule

9.  In a slab milling operation, a cutter of 75 mm diameter with sufficient width is used to remove 5 mm thick material from a 200 mm long part in a single pass. The minimum length of travel, in mm, for the cutter to engage and completely cut the part surface is ___________.

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