Gate Solved Papers for Instrumentation Engineering


Gate Solved Papers for Instrumentation Engineering

Here you can find in the below link of Gate Solved Papers for Instrumentation Engineering of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete Gate Solved Papers for Instrumentation Engineering 


GATE IN 2017 Question Paper GATE IN 2017 Key Paper
GATE IN 2016 Question Paper GATE IN 2016 Key Paper
GATE IN 2015 Question Paper GATE IN 2015 Key Paper

Few Same questions from previous Gate IN question papers are listed below:

1. The event would have been successful if you________able to come.
(A) are
(B) had been
(C) have been
(D)would have been

2. In the circuit shown, the switch is momentarily closed and then opened. Assuming the logic gates to have equal non-zero delay, at steady state, the logic states of X and Y are

3. A power line is coupled capacitively through various parasitic capacitances to a shielded signal line as shown in the figure. The conductive shield is grounded solidly at one end. Assume that the length of the signal wire extending beyond the shield, and the shield resistance are negligible. The magnitude of the noise voltage coupled to the signal line is _________

4. A beam of monochromatic light passes through two glass slabs of the same geometrical thickness at normal incidence. The refractive index of the first slab is 1.5 and that of the second, 2.0. The ratio of the time of passage of the beam through the first to the second slab is _________

5. A signal is band-limited to 0 to 12 kHz. The signal spectrum is corrupted by additive noise which is band-limited to 10 to 12 kHz. Theoretically, the minimum rate in kilohertz at which the noisy signal must be sampled so that the UNCORRUPTED PART of the signal spectrum can be recovered, is _______kHz

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