Investment Management VTU Notes Pdf – IM Pdf VTU


Here you can download the Investment Management VTU Notes Pdf – IM Pdf VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Investment Management VTU Notes Pdf – IM Pdf VTU of Total Modules

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Investment Management VTU Notes Pdf - IM Pdf VTU

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IM Notes VTU – Investment Management Notes VTU – VTU IM Notes

Module – 1

Investment: Attributes, Economic vs. Financial Investment, Investment, and speculation, Features of a good investment, Investment Process. Financial Instruments: Money Market Instruments, Capital Market Instruments, Derivatives.

Link: Module-1


Module – 2

Securities Market: Primary Market – Factors to be considered to enter the primary market, Modes of raising funds, Secondary Market- Major Players in the secondary market, Functioning of Stock Exchanges, Trading and Settlement Procedures, Leading Stock Exchanges in India. Stock Market Indicators- Types of stock market Indices, Indices of Indian Stock Exchanges.

Link: Module-2


Module – 3

Risk and Return Concepts: Concept of Risk, Types of Risk- Systematic risk, Unsystematic risk, Calculation of Risk and returns. Portfolio Risk and Return: Expected returns of a portfolio, Calculation of Portfolio Risk and Return, Portfolio with 2 assets, Portfolio with more than 2 assets.

Link: Module-3


Module – 4

Valuation of securities: Bond- Bond features, Types of Bonds, Determinants of interest rates, Bond Management Strategies, Bond Valuation, Bond Duration. PREFERENCE Shares- Concept, Features, Yields. Equity shares- Concept, Valuation, Dividend Valuation models.

Link: Module-4


Module – 5

Macro-Economic and Industry Analysis: Fundamental analysis-EIC FrameWork, Global Economy, Domestic Economy, Business Cycles, Industry Analysis. Company Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Ratio Analysis. Technical Analysis – Concept, Theories- Dow Theory, Eliot wave theory. Charts-Types, Trend and Trend Reversal Patterns. Mathematical Indicators Moving averages, ROC, RSI, and Market Indicators. (Problems in company analysis & Technical analysis) Market Efficiency and Behavioral Finance: Random walk and Efficient Market Hypothesis, Forms of Market Efficiency, Empirical test for different forms of market efficiency. Behavioral Finance Interpretation, Biases and critiques. (Theory only)

Link: Module-5


Module – 6

Modern Portfolio Theory: Markowitz Model -Portfolio Selection, Opportunity set, Efficient Frontier. Beta Measurement and Sharpe Single Index Model Capital Asset pricing model: Basic Assumptions, CAPM Equation, Security Market line, Extension of Capital Asset Pricing Model – Capital market line, SML VS CML. Arbitrage Pricing Theory: Arbitrage, Equation, Assumption, Equilibrium, APT and CAPM.

Link: Module-6


Module – 7

Portfolio Management: Diversification- Investment objectives, Risk Assessment, Selection of asset mix, Risk, Return and benefits from diversification. Mutual Funds, Mutual Fund types, Performance of Mutual Funds-NAV. Performance evaluation of Managed Portfolios- Treynor, Sharpe and Jensen Measures Portfolio Management Strategies: Active and Passive Portfolio Management strategy. Portfolio Revision: – Formula Plans-Rupee Cost Averaging.

Link: Module-7

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