Linear ICS And Applications VTU Notes Pdf – LIA Pdf VTU


Here you can download the Linear ICS And Applications VTU Notes Pdf – LIA Pdf VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Linear ICS And Applications VTU Notes Pdf – LIA Pdf VTU of Total Units

Please find the download links of Linear ICS And Applications VTU Notes Pdf – LIA Pdf VTU are listed below:

Linear ICS And Applications VTU Notes Pdf - LIA Pdf VTU

Link: Complete Notes 



Link: Part A Notes


UNIT – 1

OP-AMPS AS AC AMPLIFIER: Capacitor coupled voltage follower, high Zin capacitor coupled voltage follower, a capacitor coupled non-inverting amplifier, high Zin capacitor coupled non-inverting amplifier, a capacitor coupled inverting amplifier, setting an upper cut off frequency, the capacitor coupled difference amplifier, and use of single polarity supply.

Link UNIT – 1 Notes


UNIT – 2

OP-AMPS FREQUENCY RESPONSE AND COMPENSATION: Op-amp circuits stability, frequency, and phase response, frequency compensating methods, manufacturer’s recommended compensation, opamp circuit bandwidth, slew rate effects, stray capacitance effects, load capacitance effects, Zin mode compensation, circuit stability precautions.

Link UNIT – 2 Notes


UNIT – 3

SIGNAL PROCESSING CIRCUITS: Precision half wave & full wave rectifiers, limiting circuits, clamping circuits, peak detectors, sample &hold circuit. DAC and ADC (Flash and successive approximations).

Link UNIT – 3 Notes


UNIT – 4

OPAMPS AND NONLINEAR CIRCUITS: Op-amps in switching circuits, zero crossing detectors, inverting Schmitt trigger circuits, non-inverting Schmitt circuits, astable multivibrator, and monostable multivibrator.

Link UNIT – 4 Notes


UNIT – 5

SIGNAL GENERATOR: Triangular/rectangular wave generator, waveform generator design, phase shift oscillator, oscillator amplitude stabilization, Wein bridge oscillator, signal generators, output controllers.

Link UNIT – 5 Notes


UNIT – 6

ACTIVE FILTERS: First and second order high pass and low pass filters, band pass filter, band stop filter.

Link UNIT – 6 Notes


UNIT – 7

SPECIALIZED IC APPLICATIONS: Universal active filter, switched capacitor filter, phase locked loops, power amplifiers.

Link UNIT – 7 Notes


UNIT – 8

DC VOLTAGE REGULATORS: Voltage regulators basics, voltage follower regulator, adjustable output regulator, precision voltage regulators, and integrated circuit voltage regulators.

Link UNIT – 8 Notes



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