Manufacturing Science & Technology – II Notes VSSUT | MST-II Notes VSSUT


Manufacturing Science & Technology – II Notes VSSUT – MST-II Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Manufacturing Science & Technology - II Notes VSSUT | MST-II Notes VSSUT

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Module – 1

Classification of metal Machining Processes, Tool Materials,

Types of Tools – single Point & Multipoint Tool Geometry and Nomenclature,

ASA, ORS & NRS System, Effect of Tool Geometry and Effect of Machining Variables on machining,

Mechanism of Chip Formation, Shear deformation and shear plane,Types of Chips,

Factors involved in Chip Formation, Effect of Cutting Variables on Chip Reduction Coefficient.

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

Force System in Turning – Merchants circle diagram,velocity relationship and Rosenberg relationship,
stress in conventional shear plane, Energy of cutting process,

restricted cutting , Ernst and merchant angle relationship,

measurement of forces – dynamometers for measuring turning and drilling forces.

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Evaluation of Machinability ; Mechanism of Tool Wear,

Tool Life, Taylors Tool Life Equations Determination of Optimum Cutting Speed in Machining,

Thermal Aspects Of Machining Chip – Tool Interface temperature,Cutting Fluids, Economics of machining,

Jigs & Fixtures : – Principle, types of turning, Milling fixture and Drilling ,

Boring Jigs,Principles of Location and Clamping, Tool Guidance.

Link: Module -3

Module – 4

Design of Single Point Cutting Tool, Form tool and Broach tool,

Non Conventional Machining Processes : Principle, Process parameters and application

Principles of NC, CNC & DNC machines.

Link: Module -4

Module – 5

Jigs and fixtures,principle of jigs and fixtures,

Reduction of idle time,fool proofing,

design for saftey,easy loading and unloading,

accurency,thermal expansion.

Link: Module -5

Module – 6

Design of single point cutting tools,selection of optimum tool angles,

calculation of tool cross section,design of tool tips,design of form tools.

Link: Module -6

Module – 7

Non conventional machining process,

clasification of nonconventional maching process,electro chemical process,

electro thermal process,chemical process,process parameters,

basic working principle of EDM.

Link: Module -7

Module – 8

Principle of nc,cnc and dnc machines,

principle of NC machines.

Link: Module -8

Reference Books
Metal Cutting Theory & Practice by A. Bhattacharya, New Central Book Agency.
Metal Cutting Principles By M.C.Shaw, CBS publication
Manufacturing Technology Metal Cutting and Machine Tools By P.N.Rao, TMH.

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