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Module – 1

Introduction of Materials Science and Engineering,Materials Science,Materials Engineering ,

Structure,Property,Properties of solid materials may be grouped into six different categories,

Classification of Materials, Metals,Ceramics ,Polymers ,Properties,

Composites, Advance Materials ,Biomaterials ,Semiconductors ,The Materials Selection Process,

Defects in Solids, Point Defects in Metals ,Self-Interstitials,Point Defects in Ceramics,

Equilibrium number of vacancies,Equilibrium Concentration,Effect of point imperfections ,

Line Imperfections,Edge dislocation ,Screw dislocation,Mixed dislocations ,Surface imperfections ,

Effect on property, Diffusion in solids ,Diffusion Mechanisms ,Factors affecting Diffusion ,

Mechanisms/modes of plastic deformation,Plastic deformation by dislocation Motion (SLIP),

Slip in Single Crystal,Plastic deformation by Twin,Bauschinger effect,Work Hardening .

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Module – 2&3

Solidification,Driving Force ,Homogeneous Nucleation ,Geometry of Solidification ,

Phase Diagram,Components of a system ,Phase transformation ,Solubility Limit ,

Microstructure,Phase diagram ,Variables/Axis of phase diagrams ,System Components ,

Experimental Methods,Thermal Analysis,Metallographic Methods,X-ray diffraction,

Gibbs Phase Rule,Degrees of Freedom,Variables in a phase diagram ,

Unary Phase Diagram,Binary Phase Diagram ,Isomorphous Phase Diagram,

Cooling curves: Isomorphous system,Isomorphous Phase Diagram ,

Tie line and Lever rule,Chemical Composition of Phases,Relative Amounts of Each Phase,

Tie line and Lever rule,Variations of Isomorphous System ,Variations of Isomorphous System,

Equilibrium Cooling,Non Equilibrium Cooling – Coring,Eutectic Phase Diagram ,

Microstructural Characteristics of Eutectic System,Application of Lever rule in Eutectic System ,

Peritectic Phase Diagram,Monotectic Phase Diagram ,The Eutectoid Reaction ,

The Peritectoid Reaction,Monotectoid Reaction : Al-Zn Phase Diagram ,Syntectic Reaction : Ga – I Phase Diagram ,

Order-disorder Transformations,Allotropic Transformations in Iron ,Iron – Cementite Phase Diagram .

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Module – 4

Heat Treatment,General heat treatment processes,Annealing ,Full Annealing ,

Recrystallization Annealing,Stress Relief Annealing,Spheroidizing ,

Jominy test for Hardenability,Tempering of Plain Carbon Steels,Martempering ,

Surface Hardening,Carburizing,Liquid carburizing ,Pack carburizing ,Heat treatment after carburizing ,

Cyaniding and Carbonitriding,Thermal Energy Treatments ,Induction Hardening ,

Laser Hardening,Electron Beam (EB) Hardening .

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