Optical Fiber Communication VTU Notes Pdf – OFC PDF VTU


Here you can download the Optical Fiber Communication VTU Notes Pdf – OFC PDF VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Optical Fiber Communication VTU Notes Pdf – OFC PDF VTU of Total Units

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Optical Fiber Communication VTU Notes Pdf - OFC PDF VTU

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 Link: Part A Notes


  UNIT – 1

OVERVIEW OF OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATION: Introduction, Historical development, general system, advantages, disadvantages, and applications of optical fiber communication, optical fiber waveguides, Ray theory, cylindrical fiber (no derivations in article 2.4.4), single mode fiber, cutoff wavelength, mode field diameter. Optical Fibers: fiber materials, photonic crystal, fiber optic cables specialty fibers.

Link: Unit 1 Notes


UNIT – 2

TRANSMISSION CHARACTERISTICS OF OPTICAL FIBERS: Introduction, Attenuation, absorption, scattering losses, bending loss, dispersion, Intra modal dispersion, Intermodal dispersion.

Link : Unit 2 Notes


UNIT – 3

OPTICAL SOURCES AND DETECTORS: Introduction, LED’s, LASER diodes, Photo detectors, Photo detector noise, Response time, double hetero junction structure, Photo diodes, comparison of photo detectors.

Link : Unit 3 Notes


UNIT – 4

FIBER COUPLERS AND CONNECTORS: Introduction, fiber alignment and joint loss, single mode fiber joints, fiber splices, fiber connectors and fiber couplers.

Link : Unit 4 Notes


  PART – B

Link : Part B Notes


UNIT – 5

OPTICAL RECEIVER: Introduction, Optical Receiver Operation, receiver sensitivity, quantum limit, eye diagrams, coherent detection, burst mode receiver operation, Analog receivers.

Link : Unit 5 Notes


 UNIT – 6

ANALOG AND DIGITAL LINKS: Analog links – Introduction, the overview of analog links, CNR, multichannel transmission techniques, RF over fiber, key link parameters, Radio over fiber links, microwave photonics. Digital links – Introduction, point–to–point links,

Link : Unit 6 Notes



WDM CONCEPTS AND COMPONENTS: WDM concepts, the overview of WDM operation principles, WDM standards, Mach-Zehender interferometer, multiplexer, Isolators and circulators, direct thin film filters, active optical components, MEMS technology

Link : Unit 7 Notes


UNIT – 8

OPTICAL AMPLIFIERS AND NETWORKS: optical amplifiers, basic applications and types, semiconductor optical amplifiers, EDFA. Optical Networks: Introduction

Link : Unit 8 Notes


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