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Here you can download the free lecture Notes of MBA Strategic Credit Management Pdf Notes – SCM Pdf Notes materials with multiple file links to download. MBA Strategic Credit Management Notes Pdf- SCM Notes Pdf book starts with the topics

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Strategic Credit Management Notes Pdf - Strategic Credit Management Notes - SCM Notes - SCM notes pdf

MBA Strategic Credit Management Pdf Notes – SCM Pdf Notes

Please find the download links of the Strategic Credit Management Notes which are listed below:

Unit 1

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Unit 2

Link Unit 2

Unit 3

Link Unit 3

Unit 4

Link Unit 4

Unit 5

Link Unit 5

Unit 6

Link Unit 6

Unit 7

Link Unit 7

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MBA Strategic Credit Management Notes pdf – SCM Notes pdf

Module – 1

Credit management in banks-Screening of applications-Appraisal of credit-Sanction limit, Post sanctions compliance, Monitoring supervision. Review- Government policies for credit extension, Credit institutions, Principles of good lending, Borrower study and bankers opinion, Credit policy by the bank, government regulation of credit, Prudential Norms.

Module – 2

Overview of credit policy and loan characteristics-The credit process –Characteristics of different types of loans- Evaluating commercial loan requests – Financial statement analysis-Cash flow analysis- Projections-Management of the firm and other factors –Feasibility study –Fundamental credit issues – Credit analysis-Different types of borrowers – Balance sheet analysis for lending – Forms of advances secured and unsecured advances- Short term and long term advances.

Module – 3

Evaluating consumer loans – Types- Credit analysis of consumer loans- Risk-return analysis of consumer loans- Customer profitability analysis and loan pricing- Fixed Vs floating rates.

Module – 4

Loan and advances against pledge- Hypothecation- Mortgage – Lien- Advances against goods-Document to title to goods – Life insurance policies – Stock exchange securities-Fixed deposit receipts –Book debts- Supply bills- Real estates – Advance against collateral securities.

MBA Strategic Credit Management Pdf Notes – SCM Pdf Notes

Module – 5

Agricultural finances and Retail lending- Crop loans- Crop insurance schemes- Dairy- Sericulture- Poultry- Animal husbandry – Horticulture – Gobar gas – Kissan credit cards – NABARD initiatives – Lead bank schemes – Retail banking advances – Concept – Retail banking products – Consumer credit financing.

Module – 6

Financing to small scale industries and large scale industries- Term lending- Syndicated loan system- Role of development banks in industrial finance- Working capital finance- Turnover method – Modified version of MPBF – Cash budget approach- Long term finance-Project financing –Industrial sickness and BIFR.

Module – 7

NPA management – Introduction- Identification of NPAs- Asset classification- Prudential norms- Capital adequacy – International Banking Regulation-Basel II – asset classification provisioning – effect of NPA on profitability – Assessment procedure- Pre-sanction appraisal – Post sanction supervision- Monitoring systems for existing and likely NPAs—Tools to manage NPAs –Compromise scheme, Lok Adalats, Debt Recovery Tribunals, Corporate Debt Restructuring, Willful defaulters, SARFAESI Act, Asset Reconstruction Companies-CIBIL.

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