Transportation Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – TE Pdf VTU


Here you can download the Transportation Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – TE Pdf VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Transportation Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – TE Pdf VTU of Total Modules

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Transportation Engineering VTU Notes Pdf - TE Pdf VTU

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TE PDF VTU – Transportation Engineering PDF VTU

UNIT – 1

PRINCIPLES OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING: Importance of transportation, Different modes of transportation and comparison, Characteristics of road transport Jayakar committee recommendations, and implementation – Central Road Fund, Indian Roads Congress, Central Road Research Institute.

Link: Unit- 1 Notes


UNIT – 2

HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING: Road types and classification, road patterns, planning surveys, master plan – saturation system of road planning, phasing road development in India, problems on best alignment among alternate proposals Salient Features of 3rd and 4th twenty year road development plans and Policies, Present scenario of road development in India (NHDP & PMGSY) and in Karnataka (KSHIP & KRDCL) Road development plan – vision 2021.

Link: Unit- 2 Notes


UNIT – 3

HIGHWAY ALIGNMENT AND SURVEYS: Ideal Alignment, Factors affecting the alignment, Engineering surveys-Map study, Reconnaissance, Preliminary and Final location & detailed survey, Reports and drawings for new and re-aligned projects.
HIGHWAY GEOMETRIC DESIGN – I: Importance, Terrain classification, Design speed, Factors affecting the geometric design, Cross-sectional elements-Camber- width of pavement- Shoulders-, Width of formation- Right of way, Typical cross-sections.

Link: Unit- 3 Notes


UNIT – 4

HIGHWAY GEOMETRIC DESIGN – II: Sight Distance-Restrictions to sight distance- Stopping sight distance- Overtaking sight distance- overtaking zones- Examples on SSD and OSD- Sight distance at intersections, Horizontal alignment-Radius of Curve- Super elevation – Extra widening- Transition curve and its length, setback distance – Examples, Vertical alignment-Gradient-summit and valley curves with examples.

Link: Unit- 4 Notes


UNIT – 5

PAVEMENT MATERIALS: Subgrade soil – desirable properties-HRB soil classification-determination of CBR and modulus of subgrade reaction-Examples on CBR and Modulus of subgrade reaction, Aggregates- Desirable properties and list of tests, Bituminous materials-Explanation on Tar, bitumen, cutback, and emulsion-List of tests on bituminous materials.

Link: Unit- 5 Notes


UNIT – 6

PAVEMENT DESIGN: Pavement types, component parts of flexible and rigid pavements and their functions, design factors, ESWL, and its determination-Examples, Flexible pavement- Design of flexible pavements as per IRC;37-2001-Examples, Rigid pavement- Westergaard‟s equations for load and temperature stresses- Examples- Design of slab thickness only as per IRC:58-2002.

Link: Unit- 6 Notes


UNIT – 7

PAVEMENT CONSTRUCTION: Earthwork –cutting-Filling, Preparation of subgrade, Specification and construction of i) Granular Sub base, ii) WBM Base, iii) WMM base, iv) Bituminous Macadam, v) Dense Bituminous Macadam vi) Bituminous Concrete, vii) Dry Lean Concrete sub base and PQC viii) concrete roads.
HIGHWAY DRAINAGE: Significance and requirements, Surface drainage system and design-Examples, subsurface drainage system, the design of filter materials.

Link: Unit- 7 Notes


UNIT – 8

HIGHWAY ECONOMICS: Highway user benefits, VOC using charts only-Examples, Economic analysis – annual cost method-Benefit Cost Ratio methods- Examples, Highway financing-BOT-BOOT concepts.

Link: Unit- 8 Notes

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