Apple Vision Pro: The Future of AR/VR Experience?

Apple Vision Pro: The Future of AR/VR Experience?

The days of watching movies and playing games on a big ass TV are gone. The new age has dawned upon us with it has brought the gift of shaping our realities and much, much more.

Remember Black Mirror’s iconic “Striking Vipers” episode, where the protagonists sitting on the sofa were fully projected to their favorite fighting game and then started doing all sorts of stuff with each other?  Ahem. Ahem. Well, that is possible now to some extent. Immersive AR/VR experiences are here and are completely changing the way we experience and interact with reality.

Hello to the Future

You might be wondering with the market already flooded with devices such as Meta Quest 3, PlayStation VR2, and HTC Vive Pro 2, can the AR/VR experiences really go a notch further? The simple answer is yes, a million miles further. You just need to wait a little bit to let the whole puzzle unravel.

What you have today is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to experiencing immersive realities. Imagine when the power of AR/VR is combined with the recent developments of neuroscience, AI, machine learning, and the metaverse, the shared potential simply feels irresistible and breathtaking.

Imagine traveling through fictional realities, movies, and the metaverse through a neural connector and a headset. Conversing with your friend, boss, or partner who is a thousand miles across the Atlantic on some fictional or real simulation while sitting on your sofa. This simulation could be anything like a park, the peak of Everest, the surface of Mars, or a cartoonish desert full of roadrunners.

Now won’t that be something!

Introducing the Apple Vision Pro

One step closer to this amazing futuristic reality is the upcoming Apple Vision Pro – a highly sophisticated piece of AR/VR technology that will be miles ahead of its competitors. And will act as the major force that will shape the future of AR/VR technology for years to come.

As mentioned before, most of the headsets in the current market are mostly gaming-focused and a few are moving towards providing immersive entertainment options. However, what makes Apple combine all three experiences i.e. gaming, entertainment, and computing is a far more advanced and interconnected Apple Ecosystem.

This integrated system is what will truly allow the Vision Pro to become a one-stop shop for not only all your AR/VR needs but everything we use a smartphone, computer, TV, console, and laptop for in the near future. Confusing? Well, let’s assess some possible future applications with our favorite Avenger.

Hark back to Tony Stark with his holograms, projections, and the JARVIS AI completing all sorts of projects and analyzing stuff with just his sunglasses. The Vision Pro will certainly not allow you to fly like Iron Man but in time it will certainly allow you to complete complex projects and multitask across a bunch of them with AC/DC playing in the background.

The Breakdown

The Vision Pro in its present form will still be considered a revolutionary agent as it still offers much more than its competitors. For instance, the ability to switch seamlessly between AR and VR. Or cutting-edge hardware, graphic processors, sensors, and software providing a much smoother interface. Or simply the breathtaking resolution offered on the device. All of this combined and its ability to work with the Apple Ecosystem will make it sit above the rest.

Moreover, experiences like jumping into the metaverse or neural gaming will be something that can be expected in the future. However, playing on a projected screen with a flick of a finger or voice command like Tom Cruise in the Minority Report may be possible.


Most of the discussed narratives should become a reality in at least 5-15 years. But the only question is will Apple develop and roll out the technology this quickly? Well, they might move quickly on the R&D front but as we all know they are not a company known for giving the consumer everything they have in store all at once.

Another possible limitation of such immersive and larger-than-life real-time experiences is that they will require reliable and lightning-fast internet. For the complete realization of these experiences, Xfinity provides one of the fastest, most secure, and most reliable internet with more than a million WIFI hotspots across the US. So, to make the best of your AR/VR experience with blazing-fast internet from the comfort of your home or a café, you can contact Xfinity customer service representatives at their toll-free-number.

The Verdict

Science fiction might not become a reality with the reality of Apple Vision Pro. However, Apple’s R&D wing has the potential to make all Tron and Ready Player One-like experiences possible in the future.

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