Here’s How Facebook Uses Big Data

Two decades ago, it was quite an innovative idea that you could use the internet to easily connect with friends and family, stay updated on the events happening in a community, and share information and photos. Indeed, Facebook made all this possible, and its popularity skyrocketed within a few years. …

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Business Routine: What Apps Help You To Adjust Process

Nowadays, no one probably can imagine his/her life without using an iPhone or Android smartphone. This pretty small device can simplify people’s lives in various spheres. If you are an owner of a company, having a smartphone full of useful applications can assist you to manage business processes much easier …

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Top 7 Amazing Online Business Tools to Accelerate Your Online Business Performance

So, you have started a business recently? Now what? Things might be very exciting for you, but the fear of failure might also haunt you in these early days. You will also have several unanswered questions in your mind. This will again be a matter of great concern. Added to …

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