Business Routine: What Apps Help You To Adjust Process

Nowadays, no one probably can imagine his/her life without using an iPhone or Android smartphone. This pretty small device can simplify people’s lives in various spheres. If you are an owner of a company, having a smartphone full of useful applications can assist you to manage business processes much easier and more effectively. Let’s consider what apps are worth installing on your device.


If you are a user who requires time on organizing different tasks, then the FocusList app will be suitable for you. The application works on the principle of the popular Pomodoro technique. If you hear about this technique for the first time, there is no need to worry since it is completely easy to follow. This technique suggests users concentrate on a task for 25 minutes, have a five-minute break, and then repeat that same process.

The FocusList application has a time tracker and provides users with the possibility to log daily data. By this, you can analyze how productive your every day was. The price for this application is $2.99 and it is a fair rate for you to start to work on improving focusing, organization, and productivity in business.

Fax Application

It is not a secret that every business routine implies making and sending faxes to colleagues and partners. But what to do if you appear at home or on the street but you should send a fax right now?

You may be surprised but the faxing process becomes possible with your smartphone. With the help of a special application, sending a fax from iPhone would be easier from any place. A Fax App has a built-in scanner that enables users to make quick shots and send necessary documents within seconds.

Also, it provides you with the possibility to track your history. By this, you can be sure that important docs are sent and received successfully. What’s more convenient is that this application allows you to sign documents with an e-signature.


Managing business processes involves keeping the sensitive and private information of the company protected. In order to avoid data leakage, strong passwords should be created on your devices, accounts, etc. But what if you are among those people who can not keep in mind all passwords and as a result click “Forget Password”?

Instead of wasting time on creating more reliable passwords or risk and using weak passwords, it is advisable to try to use the 1Password app. This tool assists users to come up with strong and complicated passwords for several accounts and saves them in safety behind one safe entry only a user is aware of.

The 1Password application can likewise assist to keep in mind other information, for example, reliable combinations, credit card data, and street addresses. The tool offers a free trial to users.
After that, you should pay $2.99 every month. However, you can forget about wasting time searching for a piece of paper with your written passwords.


The business routine includes doing several tasks daily. While one task can be of high importance, others can be postponed until the end of the day. In order to organize and prioritize things properly, one can use one of the useful apps for businessmen.

The Doo application is easy-to-use since it works on the principle of the Tinder swipe mechanism. After a user sets up a to-do list, elements become organized and prioritized by utilizing a list view. As soon as a reminder pops up, you can swipe up to perform the task or swipe down to keep it until later.

For example, should you complete a report first and after that send an email to your business partner? For this, swipe down and save the email for later. This tool costs an affordable price of $2.99.


In order to raise productivity in business, one should conduct conferences and meetings with both employees, partners, and customers. Since nowadays a lot of companies start working remotely, carrying out calls becomes possible online.

From a large number of video conferencing tools, the GoToMeeting application is surely worth your attention and consideration. It provides users with a single hub that connects interlocutors from iPhone, Android devices, tablets, and computers. Among useful features of the GoToMeeting tool are screen sharing, audio connection, video connection, recording calls for future playback, etc.

The application also provides users with the opportunity to sync with their calendars. This means that you will be able to plan meetings in advance or create regular team calls.


Conducting business includes lots of complicated processes. From faxing to carrying out business meetings, the entire business management can be simplified with the assistance of useful applications on your device.

Although it may be complicated to define the most helpful applications to install, you can save time by looking at the tools discussed in this article. All of them are reliable, simple to utilize, and affordable for users.

If you feel your productivity in business requires to be boosted, do not hesitate. Install the applications mentioned above for your device and adjust the necessary business processes.

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