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google’s Arts and Culture has the internet very busy in finding out which famous artwork their selfies match with. This feature allows users to take a selfie and examines different artwork across 17 international museums, and finds the most similar looking artwork.

Google Art Apps

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Google’s Arts & Culture


Prisma was the first app to introduce artwork filters and effects on photos. Using deep learning and artificial intelligence, Prisma turns your photos into classic art like that of Van Gogh and Picasso. Starting with 36 filters during the time of its launch, Prisma now has a dedicated store for filters. You can also create a profile on Prisma and share your edited photos on Prisma’s community feed.

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Picas comes with basic editing tools such as choosing the ratio and the angle of your photos. It has a simple layout with the filters available in a single tab to choose from. There are filters associated with popular art like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and Elsa from Frozen. Some of the filters come locked. But they can be unlocked by sharing the app on social media. This app has a small problem of having too many ads, so it’s better to use it with your internet connection turned off.

Download: AndroidiOS

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