How to change font on iPhone and Android

How to Change Font on Android:

Font Size and Text Style can be changed In Android and iPhone in Different ways. In Android, we could change the font directly from the settings app, and in the case of iPhone, we need to opt for Font based Mobile application to get the job done with a Single Click. And here to explain to you in detail about the Changing of Fonts in different mobile, we have written a Guide, So to understand it in brief Full till the end of the article.

How to change Font on iPhone:

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iPhone is the Most Preferred Device for its Performance and Stylish Look. And in case you like to Customize the Text on iPhone, then you have few options on the settings App itself. And if you want more, you have no choice but Root the Device. According to iPhone Version, Fonts can be changed in only a few versions of IOS. So Do try yourself.

Fonts Setup on iPhone:

iPhone has a lot of Built-in Features, it includes Font settings too. So you have options in the settings app itself to customize the Font on the iPhone device. Follow the Font on iPhone this way:

  • Open Settings app on your iPhone device and Scroll down till Display & Brightness.
  • Click on ‘Display & Brightness’ to view a few more options.
  • Find ‘Text Size’ and Customize it as you wish.
  • Also, Click on ‘Bold Text’ and Enable it.
  • And Now Go to ‘Accessibility’ options on the Settings app.
  • Open it and Enable the ‘Large Accessibility sizes’ or Drag the Slider.

App Called ‘Cool Fonts’:

Cool Fonts is a Special application for IOS device, it allows to change a font on iPhone mobile and as a user you can customize your iPhone Too. This application is built as a Custom Font Style Provider, and Later on; it has added a lot of Features and Themes to Customize the iPhone view with Easy Guide.

  • Download the ‘Cool Fonts’ Application and Install it on Mobile.
  • Launch the Mobile Application, Select the Font for Keyboard as a First Task.
  • Pick the Free Fonts or Purchase the premium once, and apply it.

This way you could Navigate to the menu bar,  Font in settings app, etc. And it also has Few Free( and Premium themes too). Do check them and Apply it on the Complete Mobile view. After all, in case you, you didn’t like the font, you could restore to default settings without any hassle.

How to change Font on Android:

In a few Android mobiles, you can get direct access to Font Style and Size, and in case you didn’t find it Go for launchers & Font apps.

Settings App:

  • Go to settings app on your Mobile Phone.
  • Scroll down to see ‘Display,’ option Click on it.
  • Here you will get to see Few Fonts options like Font Style & Font Size.
  • Click on Font style to get the alter style options and pick one of them.
  • Save the Changes and Apply them; also you could change the Font Size in the same way.

App called HiFont:

HiFont is the Top rated and Most recommended Font Application to customize the Whole Android device View. Do check the how to setup process below:

  • Download HiFont and Install the application on your Android Device.
  • Launch the HiFont application, on its Dashboard; you get to see the options like Font Size & Style.
  • It shows Fonts in Several Language, select your Language and pick the Fonts by downloading them.
  • Now You could apply those Fonts on to any Text on your Mobile.

This two Methods will help you in settings up the Font on your Android Mobile. So Pick your method and Perform it. And Do comment your views from the below Section.

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